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Sonoma-Lake-Mendocino County Libraries' New DVDs -- Childrens

The adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (68 min.)

Alpha and Omega 2 [videorecording] : a howl-iday adventure /
1 videodisc (45 min.)

An American girl, Isabelle dances into the spotlight [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (100 min.)

Arthur goes back to school [videorecording].
Includes four Arthur adventures: To eat or not to eat, S.W.E.A.T; Baseball blues, and Brain's biggest blunder. 1 videodisc (50 min.)

Austin and Ally [videorecording]. Chasing the beat
Following the lives of Austin, an aspiring confident musician, Ally, a quiet talented songwriter and their two friends. 1 videodisc (132 min.)

Babar and the adventures of Badou [videorecording] : gone wild.
1 videodisc (90 min)

Bailey [videorecording].
1 videodisc (8 min.)

Barbie and the secret door [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (81 min.)

The Berenstain bears [videorecording]. Carnival coasters /
1 videodisc (55 min.)

Big Bird and friends [videorecording] : follow that bird /
1 videodisc (88 min.)

The boxcar children [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (81 min.)

Celery night fever [videorecording].
1 videodisc (45 min.)

Chuggington [videorecording]. Chuggineers, ready to build.
1 videodisc (65 min.)

Cinderella [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (83 min.)

Classic in the jurassic [videorecording].
The Pteranodon family is super excited to be traveling to the 'Classic in the Jurassic,' an Olympics type competition in which different dinosaur teams representing the three Mesozoic time periods will compete in various contests. 1 videodisc (100 minutes)

DC super-villains [videorecording]. Justice League --masterminds of crime.
A collection of bad guys who are powerful and audacious enough to challenge the Justice League. These villains are not just threats to one super team, but the entire DC Universe! Featuring super villains from Lex Luthor, Sinestro to Darkseid. 2 videodiscs (approximately 291 min.)

Earth to echo [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (90 min.)

Elmo's super numbers [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (120 min.)

Franklin and friends [videorecording]. Pirate island /
Eight episodes of the Franklin and friends television series. 1 videodisc (88 min.)

Franklin and friends [videorecording]. Pirate island /
Franklin and Bear find a treasure map and ask their fathers to help them search for the treasure. Though everyone thinks they should turn back, Franklin urges them forward, finally finding the treasure. 1 videodisc (88 min.)

Friends are forever [videorecording].
1 videodisc (66 min.)

Geronimo Stilton [videorecording]. Going down to Chinatown : and other adventure
1 videodisc (92 min.)

Goodnight, goodnight, construction site and more stories about work [videorecord
1 videodisc (ca. 40 min.)

Gravity falls [videorecording]. Even stranger
Dipper and Mabel Pines spend the summer at their great uncle's tourist trap, The Mystery Shack. They think it's just going to be another usual summer, until mysterious things begin occurring all over town. 1 videodisc (176 min.)

Guess how much I love you. Autumn's here [videorecording].
1 videodisc (80 min.)

Henry Hugglemonster [videorecording]. Roarsome tales
1 videodisc (132 min.)

Hercules [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (93 min.)

Hi! fly guy and other animal antics [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (ca. 32 min.)

Legends of Oz [videorecording] : Dorothy's return /
1 videodisc (92 min.)

M is for mystery [videorecording].
1 videodisc (133 min.)

Man with the violin [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (8 min.)

Mickey, Donald, Goofy [videorecording]. The Three Musketeers /
1 videodisc (68 min.)

Mr. Peabody and Sherman [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (ca. 92 min.)

The numbers collection [videorecording].
1 videodisc (80 min.)

On va jouer [videorecording] = Let's play /
This interacive program introduces children to French language-learning through games, skits and songs. It's non-stop fun in the house and on the playground as kids explore the world around them, learning the words for everyday objects al 1 videodisc (ca. 40 min.)

The painting [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (approximately 78 min.)

The paper bag princess [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (8 min.)

Peg + Cat [videorecording]. Chickens on the loose, and other really big problems
1 videodisc (100 min.)

Peppa pig [videorecording]. My birthday party.
It's Peppa's birthday and all of her friends are invited to her party. Other episodes include an exciting boat race, a school play, a costume party, and more! 1 videodisc (80 min.)

Peppa pig [videorecording]. The balloon ride.
Fun for children with Peppa Pig and her relatives Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, and little brother George. 1 videodisc (60 min.)

Poppy cat [videorecording] : birthday treasure.
1 videodisc (80 min.)

Power rangers turbo. Volume one [videorecording] /
3 videodiscs (450 min.)

Power Rangers turbo. Volume two [videorecording] /
3 videodiscs (430 min.)

Power Rangers Zeo. Volume one [videorecording] /
3 videodiscs (480 min.)

School bus safety [videorecording].
1 videodisc (approximately 22 min.)

School of medicine [videorecording].
1 videodisc (120 min.)

Scooby-Doo! [videorecording]. Frankencreepy /
1 videodisc (74 min.)

Sleeping Beauty [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (75 min.)

Special Agent Oso [videorecording]. License to play
1 videodisc (145 min.)

Strawberry Shortcake [videorecording]. Berry best friends.
1 videodisc (66 min.)

Thomas and friends. Tale of the brave [videorecording].
1 videodisc (62 min.)

Toy story of terror! [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (22 min.)

The Transformers : more than meets the eye. Season two, Vol. one [videorecording
The adventures of Optimus Prime and the autobots continue as they protect earth from Megatron and his Decepticons. 4 videodiscs (660 min.)

The Transformers : more than meets the eye. Season two, Vol. two [videorecording
The adventures of Optimus Prime and the autobots continue as they protect earth from Megatron and his Decepticons. 4 videodiscs (approximately 8 hr.)

The Transformers : more than meets the eye. Seasons three and four [videorecordi
Feature film from the USA. Science fiction. The Autobots and Decepticons battle to reach a hidden Cybertronian spacecraft on the moon. 4 videodiscs (approximately 8 hours)

Twinkle, twinkle, little star ; [videorecording] Star light, star bright /
Cuddle up with the little one and laugh along with these fantastical re-imaginings of familiar nursery rhymes. Fall in love with the adorable illustrations and sweet verse in these charming versions of the classic children's rhymes. 1 videodisc (6 min.)

The wizard of Oz [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (10 min.)