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Sonoma-Lake-Mendocino County Libraries' New DVDs -- Childrens

Adventure time [videorecording] : princess day.
1 video disc (176 min)

Adventure time. The suitor [videorecording] /
Featuring sixteen full length episodes that highlight everyone's favorite characters from the land of Ooo. 1 videodisc (176 min.)

Agent F.O.X. / [videorecording]
1 videodisc (83 min.)

America at war [videorecording].
1 videodisc (19 min.)

Angry birds toons. Season one, volume two [videorecording] /
Brings to life the characters and adventures from one of the beloved games in history. 1 videodisc (approximately 101 min)

Antboy [videorecording] /
Ordinary twelve-year-old Pelle is transformed into an extraordinary superhero after he is bitten by a super-ant. When a young girl is kidnapped, Pelle, now Antboy, sets about to rescue her, bringing him into conflict with super-vil 1 videodisc (77 min.)

Arthur makes a movie / [videorecording]
Join the world's most famous aardvark, eight-year-old Arthur Read, and his family and friends as they make their own movies! 1 videodisc (56 min.)

Baby geniuses and the treasures of Egypt [videorecording] /
Talking baby detectives travel to Egypt to track down a baby villain and put him in "time-out". 1 video disc (78 min)

Banjo the woodpile cat / [videorecording].
1 videodisc (27 min.)

Batman, the brave and the bold. The complete first season [videorecording] /
Batman and his fellow DC superhero friends join together to stomp out the bad in twenty-six action-packed episodes. 4 videodiscs (595 min.)

Battle for new ninjago city. Season three, part one [sound recording].
1 videodisc (92 min.)

The Berenstain Bears [videorecording]. Ready, set, go! /
1 videodisc (55 min.)

Bird-day bash [videorecording] /
It's a Bird-Day Bash in the jungle! Help Mowgli, Darzee, and Cheel save the day and put out a mountain fire, and celebrate with Mowgli as he is praised for his bravery and officially becomes a real wolf! 1 videodisc (72 min.)

Brave girl [videorecording] : Clara and the shirtwaist makers' strike of 1909 /
1 videodisc (8 min.)

Bubble Guppies [videorecording]. Get ready for school! /
Dive into school with the Bubble Guppies! From the first day of school to getting along with a grumpy substitute teacher, from picture day to a library field trip, join the class for six swim-sational days of learning and laughing! 1 videodisc (139 min.)

Caillou [videorecording]. Fun and games with Caillou!
1 videodisc (50 min.)

Clawesome double feature [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (92 min.)

Dealing with peer pressure [videorecording].
1 videodisc (13 min.)

Dinosaur train. Adventure camp / [videorecording]
Our Pteranodon kids and some friends (Petey, Annie, Tank, Lily and Leroy Lambeosaurus) go to a day camp run by the Conductor! They all go white water rafting and learn about water currents-- and meet a new freshwater aquatic creature. 1 videodisc (50 min.)

Dora the Explorer [videorecording]. Dora and Boots, best friends forever /
1 videodisc (192 min.)

Dora the explorer. Dora's magical sleepover [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (71 min.)

Doug unplugs on the farm [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (4 min.)

Dragons. Part 2 : defenders of Berk / [videorecording]
Join Hiccup and his brave Viking friends as they battle surprising new enemies in ten fun-filled animated adventures based on the hit movie How to Train Your Dragon. 2 videodiscs (220 min.)

Dude, where's my dog? [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (82 min.)

Ernest and Celestine [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (80 min.)

Fire safety [videorecording]. Prevent, react, escape.
1 videodisc (11 min.)

Governments around the world [videorecording] /
Governments Around the World helps children explore the terms Communism, Confederate Government, Dictatorship, Federal Government, Government, Parliamentary Government, and Unitary Government. 1 videodisc (26 min.)

Hieroglyphics and ancient Egypt [videorecording].
1 videodisc (approximately 13 min.)

The hobbit [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (77 min.)

JLA adventures. Trapped in time [videorecording] : original movie /
1 videodisc (53 min.)

Land formations and bodies of water [videorecording] /
Travel around the world to discover all the different and incredible places and landforms on earth. 1 videodisc (20 min.)

The legend of Korra. Book two: spirits / [videorecording].
2 videodiscs (330 min.)

Legends of Chima [videorecording]. Season 1, part 2.
2 videodiscs (220 min.)

The Lego movie [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (101 minutes)

Lucky dog / [videorecording]
1 videodisc (96 min.)

Muppets most wanted [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (107 min.)

My little pony, friendship is magic [videorecording]. A dash of awesome.
Join Rainbow Dash for five thrilling adventures alongside her very best friends in all of Equestria. 1 videodisc (approximately 120 min.)

My little pony, friendship is magic [videorecording]. Keys of friendship.
1 videodisc (110 min.)

My little pony, friendship is magic [videorecording]. Pinkie Pie party /
1 videodisc (ca. 110 min.)

National Science Foundation [videorecording] : the year in science 2014.
Young children will be inspired, empowered, and challenged by exciting, up-to-the-minute discoveries in the world of science. 1 videodisc (approximately 50 min.)

Ninja Turtles, the next mutation [videorecording]. East meets West /
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are joined by a fifth, female turtle, and together they fight villains in New York City. 1 videodisc (approximately 147 min.)

Ninja turtles, the next mutation [videorecording]. Turtle power!.
1 videodisc (180 min.)

Pokemon : BW rival destinies. Set 3 [videorecording] /
4 videodiscs (540 min.)

Pound puppies [videorecording]. A perfect match.
1 videodisc (110 min.)

Power Rangers megaforce. Ultra defenders / [videorecording]
1 videodisc (92 min.)

Power Rangers turbo. Volume two [videorecording] /
3 videodiscs (430 min.)

Preschool prep [videorecording]. The alphabet collection.
1 videodisc (approximately 120 min.)

Princess Juliet [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (91 min.)

The return of the king [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (97 min.)

Rio 2 [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (101 min.)

Science I need to know [videorecording]. Air and wind.
1 videodisc (approximately 13 min.)

Scooby-doo! 13 spooky tales. Field of screams / [videorecording]
2 videodiscs (291 min.)

Separate is never equal [videorecording] : Sylvia Mendez and her family's fight
1 videodisc (10 min.)

Sesame Street [videorecording]. Learning rocks /
1 videodisc (121 min.)

Sesame Street. Monster manners / [videorecording]
1 videodisc (127 min.)

Skeletal and muscular systems [videorecording] /
Start Smart Skeletal and Muscular Systems is a must for anyone interested in how the body works and also provides a giant head-start for those about to take Biology. 1 videodisc (16 min.)

Sofia the first. The enchanted feast [videorecording].
1 videodisc (113 min.)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [videorecording]. The good, the bad, and Casey Jone
1 videodisc (133 min.)

This is America, Charlie Brown / [videorecording]
2 videodiscs (195 min.)

The Transformers : more than meets the eye. Season one [videorecording].
The Autobots and the Decepticons battle for control of Earth. 3 videodiscs (360 mins)

The Transformers : more than meets the eye. Season two, Vol. one [videorecording
The adventures of Optimus Prime and the autobots continue as they protect earth from Megatron and his Decepticons. 4 videodiscs (660 min.)

The Transformers : more than meets the eye. Season two, Vol. two [videorecording
The adventures of Optimus Prime and the autobots continue as they protect earth from Megatron and his Decepticons. 4 videodiscs (approximately 8 hr.)

The Transformers : more than meets the eye. Seasons three & four [videorecording
Feature film from the USA. Science fiction. The Autobots and Decepticons battle to reach a hidden Cybertronian spacecraft on the moon. 4 videodiscs (approximately 8 hours)

Transformers [videorecording]. Roar of the dinobots.
1 videodisc (approximately 132 min.)

Wild kratts. Tiny trouble [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (50 min.)

WordGirl. Monkey business / [videorecording]
Young Becky Botsford is just an average 5th grader until she becomes a superhero, where her knowledge of words and love of reading saves the day. 1 videodisc (50 min.)