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Sonoma-Lake-Mendocino County Libraries' New Books on CD -- Childrens

The actual and truthful adventures of Becky Thatcher [sound recording] /
Lawson, Jessica 5 audio discs (approximately 359 min.)

The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents [sound recording] /
Pratchett, Terry 6 audio discs (approximately 420 min.)

Back to school, weird kids rule! [sound recording] /
Gutman, Dan 1 audio disc (60 min.)

The boundless [sound recording] /
Oppel, Kenneth, 7 sound discs (8 hr., 12 min.)

Brave girl [sound recording] : Clara and the shirtwaist makers' strike of 1909 /
Markel, Michelle 1 audio disc (approximately 8 min.)

Breakaway [sound recording] /
Hirsch, Jeff. 4 sound discs (4 hr., 41 min.)

Curse of the ancients [sound recording] /
de la Pena, Matt. 4 sound discs (4 hr., 12 min.)

A dark inheritance [sound recording] /
D'Lacey, Chris 6 sound discs (6 hr., 25 min.)

Ellray Jakes walks the plank! [sound recording] /
Warner, Sally, Third-grader EllRay is becoming famous for messing up, and when his little sister accidentally kills EllRay's class goldfish, and then he forgets his teacher's read-aloud book at home, it only makes matters worse. 2 sound discs (2 hr.)

Elvis and the underdogs [sound recording] : secrets, Secret Service, and room se
Lee, Jenny, 6 audio discs (420 min.)

Fire and ice [sound recording] /
Hale, Shannon 5 sound discs (5 hr., 29 min.)

Flight school [sound recording] /
Judge, Lita Little Penguin, who has the "soul of an eagle," enrolls in flight school. 1 sound disc (15 min.)

Frozen: the junior novelization / [sound recording]
2 sound discs (150 min.)

A Grimm warning [sound recording] /
Colfer, Chris, 9 sound discs (630 min.)

Heavy hitters [sound recording] /
Lupica, Mike 5 sound discs (5 hrs., 7 min.)

A hero's guide to deadly dragons [sound recording] /
Cowell, Cressida 3 sound discs (3 hr.)

How to break a dragon's heart [sound recording] /
Cowell, Cressida 4 sound discs (4.5 hr.)

How to ride a dragon's storm [sound recording] /
Cowell, Cressida 4 audio discs (3.5 hr.)

How to steal a dragon's sword [sound recording] /
Cowell, Cressida 5 sound discs (300 min.)

Judy Moody, mood Martian [sound recording] /
McDonald, Megan Snotsicles! It's Backward Day, so Judy Moody double-dares herself to become Queen of the Good Mood for one whole week. Can she do it? 2 audio discs (approximately 120 min.)

Leroy Ninker saddles up [sound recording] /
DiCamillo, Kate 1 sound discs (1 hr.)

The map trap [sound recording] /
Clements, Andrew 2 sound discs (150 min.)

The missing [sound recording] /
Nix, Garth Just as twins Jaide and Jack Shield think they've settled into their crazy new lives as troubletwisters, the Evil threatens again, and the duo will need to put their growing powers to the test! 8 audio discs (9 hr., 2 min.)

A nation's hope [sound recording] : the story of boxing legend Joe Louis /
de la Pena, Matt. 1 audio disc (approximately 10 min.)

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods [sound recording] /
Riordan, Rick 10 audio discs (12 hr., 24 min.)

Save Rafe! [sound recording] /
Patterson, James, 4 sound discs (240 min.)

Saving Lucas Biggs [sound recording] /
De los Santos, Marisa, 6 audio discs (approximately 422 min.)

The select and The orphan [sound recording] : two original novellas /
Lerangis, Peter 3 audio discs (3 1/4 hr.)

Soccer on Sunday [sound recording] /
Osborne, Mary Pope 2 sound discs (90 min.)

Tales from a not-so-glam TV star [sound recording] /
Russell, Rachel Renee 3 audio discs (180 min.)

Timeless tales of Beatrix Potter [sound recording] : Peter Rabbit and friends /
Potter, Beatrix, 3 sound discs (3.5 hr.)

The tomb of shadows [sound recording] /
Lerangis, Peter 7 sound discs (7 1/2 hr.)