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Sonoma-Lake-Mendocino County Libraries' New DVDs -- Adult

88 minutes [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (107 min.)

Amadeus [videorecording] /
Adapted from Shaffer's play, the film presents the life of Antonio Salieri, a mediocre 18th century Viennese composer obsessed with and jealous of the musical genius of the age, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 2 videodiscs (180 min.)

Autumn spring [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (ca. 95 min.)

Babe Ruth [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (59 min.)

Back to the garden [videorecording] : flower power comes full circle /
1 videodisc (70 min.)

The blue & the gray [videorecording] /
3 videodiscs (ca. 381 min.)

Boys on the side [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (117 min.)

The Bridge at Remagen [videorecording] /
Based on the true story of an astute American general and a high-ranking German officer, torn by the conflicting demands of his country and fellow countrymen, during the last days of World War II. 1 videodisc (117 min.)

Call of life [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (80, 60 min.)

Celtic woman [videorecording] /
Filmed during their sold-out concert at the Helix Center in Dublin, Ireland, Celtic Woman stars classic Irish performers interpreting traditional, popular, and classical songs. 1 videodisc (117 min.)

Charlie Chan and the curse of the Dragon Queen [videorecording] /
Charlie Chan arrives in San Francisco to help the police on a murder case and is greeted by his Jewish-Chinese grandson, Lee Chan, Jr. 1 videodisc (95 min.)

Cleaner [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (ca. 89 min.)

Climate refugees [videorecording] : "the human face of climate change" /
1 videodisc (86 min.)

The complete Inspector Lynley mysteries [videorecording].
Uppercrust Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, and his working class partner Sergeant Barbara Havers overcome their difference and evolve into a potent team to unravel the most heinous crimes. 12 videodiscs (2064 min.)

Cowboy up [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (105 min.)

Deadliest catch. Season 8 [videorecording] /
The real-life adventures of crab fishing boats in Alaska. 5 videodiscs (1100 min.)

Death race [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (111 min.)

Die hard with a vengeance [dvd videorecording].
1 videodisc (131 min.)

Dirty dancing [videorecording] /
An innocent young girl is introduced to the sensuality of dance when she meets the dance instructor at her resort hotel. 1 videodisc (105 min.)

Doctor Who. Terror of the Zygons [videorecording] /
2 videodiscs (96 min.)

Door-to-door [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (92 min.)

Dragnet [videorecording].
1 videodisc (180 min.)

Duck quacks don't echo [videorecording] /
Join three hosts as they put odd, unusual, and fun hypotheses to the test with interactive and sometimes wacky experiments. 2 videodiscs (308 min.)

The economics of happiness [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (68 min.)

Edible city [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (approximately 70 min.)

The far horizons [videorecording] /
This adventure drama portrays the Lewis & Clark Expedition's trek through the Pacific Northwest with guidance from the Native American maiden Sacajawea. 1 videodisc (107 min.)

The Final countdown [videorecording] /
When an electrical storm transports the nuclear-powered U.S.S. Nimitz back in time, hours before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the crew must decide between allowing the attack to take place and preventing it, which would forever change hi 1 videodiscs (102 min.)

Friends. The complete fourth season [videorecording] /
The adventures of six twenty-something friends living in New York City. 4 videodiscs (555 min.)

Friends. The complete ninth season [videorecording] /
The adventures of six thirty-something friends living in New York City. 4 videodiscs (620 min.)

Friends. The complete sixth season [videorecording] /
The adventures of six twenty-something friends living in New York City. 4 videodiscs (569 min.)

Friends. The complete tenth season [videorecording] /
The adventures of six thirty-something friends living in New York City. 4 videodiscs (467 min.)

Glorious [videorecording] /
British comedy sensation Eddie Izzard gives a live performance at Labatt's Apollo Theatre. 1 videodisc (99 min.)

Gold rush. Season 2 [videorecording] /
4 videodiscs (ca. 836 min.)

Gone with the wind [videorecording] /
Focuses on the life and loves of the beautiful and selfish Scarlett O'Hara. The story begins on the O'Haras' Georgia plantation of Tara in antebellum days and moves through the Civil War and Reconstruction. 5 videodiscs (233 min.)

The good night [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (93 min.)

Healing exercises for seniors [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (90 min.)

Herodotus, the father of history [videorecording] /
Vandiver, Elizabeth, An introduction to the work of Herodotus, the first Greek historian. Considers Herodotus' work in its cultural context, both as history and as literature. 4 videodiscs (approximately 720 min.)

The hobbit. The battle of the five armies [videorecording] /
2 videodiscs (144 min.)

Hocus pocus [videorecording] /
After 300 years, three sister witches are resurrected in Salem Massachusetts on Halloween night, and it is up to two teenagers, a young girl, and an immortal cat to put an end to the witches reign of terror once and for all. 1 videodisc (96 min.)

Hollywood North [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (89 min.)

Hollywood's leading ladies [videorecording].
Lady of burlesque: When she becomes a suspect in the strangling murders of two fellow strippers, Dixie Daisy joins forces with Bill Brannigan to find the real killer. 4 videodiscs (383 min.)

Hollywood's leading ladies [videorecording].
Last time I saw Paris: A writer returns to Paris and remembers falling in love and marrying there at the end of World War II, as well as to deal with the tolls taken by life's harsh realities. 4 videodiscs (383 min.)

Hollywood's leading ladies [videorecording].
Of human bondage: Based on the novel of the same name by W. Somerset Maugham, depicts the ill-fated romance between a wealthy club-footed medical student and a waitress who has no real feeling for him. 4 videodiscs (383 min.)

The hunting party [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (101 min.)

I'm Reed Fish [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (93 min.)

Inherent vice [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (148 min.)

The Jazz Channel presents Keiko Matsui [videorecording] /
"This concert features Matsui playing her unique blend of jazz and New Age instrumental compositions before a live studio audience." 1 videodisc

Kounterfeit [videorecording] /
A counterfeit laundering plan results in the death of an undercover cop, leaving two men on the run from the dead officer's sister. Things change when she discovers the accused men she seeks may be her only hope for survival. 1 videodisc (ca. 87 min.)

The light bulb conspiracy [videorecording] : the untold story of planned obsoles
Traces the untold story of Planned Obsolescence, the deliberate shortening of product life spans to guarantee consumer demand, from its beginnings in the 1920s. 1 videodisc (52 min.)

Love letters [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (90 min.)

Magic moments [videorecording] : the best of '50s pop /
A live concert featuring songs and performers from the 1950s. 1 videodisc (ca. 88 min.)

A man apart [videorecording] /
A DEA agent is on a deadly vendetta to take down the boss of the powerful cartel that killed his wife. He will not rest until the drug boss is dead or behind bars. 1 videodisc (110 min.)

Mantle [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (ca. 60 min.)

Masters of Greek thought [videorecording] : Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle /
6 videodiscs (ca. 1080 min.)

Moments to remember [videorecording] : golden hits of the '50s and '60s /
1 videodisc (69 min.)

Mortal kombat [videorecording] : annihilation /
1 videodisc (ca. 98 min.)

The most dangerous game [videorecording] /
A madman on his island fortress, tired of pursuing game, becomes obsessed with the idea of hunting the most dangerous game of all--man. 1 videodisc (63 min.)

Musicwood [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (80 min.)

My music [videorecording] : 50s pop parade /
1 videodisc (114 min.)

The myths of nutrition and fitness [videorecording] /
Goodman, Anthony A. Provides an overview of the science of nutrition and popular misinformation regarding physical health. 1 videodisc (ca. 180 min.)

Noir. 1, Shades of darkness [videorecording] /
Two amnesiac female assasins form an uneasy alliance called Noir in an attempt to unlock the mysteries of their pasts. 1 videodisc (2 hrs., 5 min.)

Old west outlaws : 20 western films.
"Eye for an eye adventure starts here with 20 tales of payback and punishment! This 4 DVD collection of classic Westerns is sure to show how wild the west could be"--Container. 4 DVD-videos (1703 minutes)

Out of the wilderness [videorecording] /
Saving a wild, baby raven in the Alaskan wilderness almost costs young Melissa her life and her father's sanity when Black Feather's silly antics and passion for gathering shiny objects are enough to drive the whole town crazy. 1 videodisc (ca. 98 min.)

Paranormal activity [videorecording]. The marked ones /
Seventeen-year-old Jesse starts experiencing several disconcerting and indescribable things after his neighbor's death. As he looks into these occurrences, he discovers that he has been chosen for possession by a malicious demon. 1 videodisc (84 min.)

Project wild thing [videorecording] /
"Filmmaker David Bond invites parents everywhere to help their kids re-connect with nature in our digital age"--from 1 videodisc (87 min.)

Rambo [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (91 min.)

Roots [videorecording] /
An eight part series, which chronicles a black man's search for his heritage and reveals an epic panorama of America's past. 3 videodiscs (573 min.)

Shaft [videorecording] /
Detective John Shaft is hired by a Harlem mobster to find his kidnapped teenage daughter and finds himself up against some Mafia chieftains who want to take over a chunk of the black underworld's uptown territory. 1 videodisc (100 min.)

Sphere [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (135 min.)

Substitute 1 & 3 [videorecording].
Contains both 'The Substitute' and 'The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All' 1 videodisc (204 min.)

The substitute 2 [videorecording] : school's out /
When a teacher is gunned down during a carjacking, his estranged brother, an ex-Green Beret turned mercenary, is determined to find his killer. 1 videodisc (90 min.)

Tasogare Seibei [videorecording] /
Set during the Bakumatsu period (mid 19th century) a low-ranking samurai is forced to choose service over love. 1 videodisc (129 min.)

Tora! Tora! Tora! [videorecording] /
A dramatization chronicling the bombing of Pearl Harbor from both the Japanese and American points of view. 2 videodiscs (144 min.)

Truck farm [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (48 min.)

Understanding the universe [videorecording] : an introduction to astronomy / [vi
16 videodiscs (2880 min.)

Vitus [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (ca. 123 min.)

Watermark [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (approximately 92 min.)

We're no angels [videorecording] /
Two escaped convicts' only prayer is to pass themselves off as clergymen. As men of the cloth, they are able to pass right through a police blockade at the border and into the safety of Canada. 1 videodisc (ca. 106 min.)

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? [videorecording] /
1 videodisc (63 min.)

Women on the land [videorecording] : creating conscious community /
1 videodisc (57 min.)