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Sonoma-Lake-Mendocino County Libraries' New Books on CD -- Adult

All day and a night [sound recording] : a novel of suspense /
Burke, Alafair 9 audio discs (631 min.)

All fall down [sound recording] : a novel /
Weiner, Jennifer 11 sound discs (720 min)

All the light we cannot see [sound recording] : a novel /
Doerr, Anthony, 13 sound discs (960 min)

Any other name [sound recording] /
Johnson, Craig, 7 audio discs (8.5 hr.)

The arsonist [sound recording] : a novel /
Miller, Sue, 10 audio discs (11 1/2 hr.)

Backlands [sound recording] : a novel of the American West /
McGarrity, Michael Catapulted into early adulthood after the death of an older brother he idolized, eight-year-old Matthew Kerney assumes difficult responsibilities to save the family ranch against a backdrop of the Great Depression and a drought-stricken Tularosa Bas 12 sound discs (14 hr., 30 min.)

Brandon's bride [sound recording] /
Scott, Alicia 6 sound discs (7 hr., 24 min.)

Busted [sound recording] : a novella /
Slaughter, Karin, 2 audio discs (2.5 hr.)

Capital in the twenty-first century [sound recording] /
Piketty, Thomas, 21 audio discs (25 hr., 14 min.)

Carsick [sound recording] : John Waters hitchhikes across America /
Waters, John, 7 sound discs (510 min.)

Close your eyes, hold hands [sound recording] /
Bohjalian, Chris, 7 sound discs (8 hr., 30 min.)

The closer [sound recording] : [my story] /
Rivera, Mariano, 6 sound discs (7.5 hr.)

The color master [sound recording] /
Bender, Aimee 6 audio discs (7 1/2 hr)

Command and control [sound recording] : nuclear weapons, the Damascus Accident,
Schlosser, Eric "Journalist Eric Schlosser digs deep to uncover secrets about the management of America's nuclear arsenal"--Container. 17 sound discs (ca 20 hr, 30 min)

The complete Sherlock Holmes [sound recording] /
Doyle, Arthur Conan, A series of adventures featuring Sherlock Holmes, who let his brain compute the information he shrewdly observed; the resulting deductions and unexpected additional talents thrilled his faithful chronicler Dr Watson. 50 audio discs (58 hours, 35 minutes)

The confabulist [sound recording] : a novel /
Galloway, Steven, 8 sound discs (571 min.)

A conspiracy of faith [sound recording] /
Adler-Olsen, Jussi 12 audio discs (15 hr, 30 min)

A curious man [sound recording] : the strange and brilliant life of Robert "Beli
Thompson, Neal Recounts the life of the enigmatic cartoonist-turned-eccentric-millionaire whose wealth and fame were built from his extensive collection of exotic curiosities and offers insight into his final years spent on a private island. 10 sound discs (ca. 12 hr.)

Cut and thrust [sound recording] /
Woods, Stuart 6 sound discs (ca. 7 hr.)

Delicious! [sound recording] /
Reichl, Ruth 11 sound discs (ca. 13 hr.)

Deserves to die [sound recording] /
Jackson, Lisa 10 sound discs (687 min.)

The Director [sound recording] /
Ignatius, David, 11 sound discs (ca. 13.5 hr.)

The dog year [sound recording] : a novel /
Garvin, Ann Wertz 7 audio discs (8 1/2 hr.)

Dogtripping [sound recording] /
Rosenfelt, David 6 sound discs (7 hr)

Eden in winter [sound recording] : a novel /
Patterson, Richard North 9 audio discs (approximately 11 hr.)

Face to face [sound recording] /
Queen, Ellery 6 audio discs (7 1/2 hr.)

Finding me [sound recording] : a decade of darkness, a life reclaimed : a memoir
Knight, Michelle, Describes the details of the abduction and decade-long captivity of one of the three survivors of notorious Cleveland kidnaper Ariel Castro, and how she found the courage to endure unimaginable circumstances and never lose hope for the future. 6 sound discs (7 hr., 15 min.)

Flash boys [sound recording] : a Wall Street revolt /
Lewis, Michael Michael Lewis returns to the financial world with a new book that gives readers a ringside seat as the biggest story in years prepares to hit Wall Street. 8 sound discs (ca. 600 min.)

Four friends [sound recording] : a novel /
Carr, Robyn 11 sound discs (12 hr., 30 min.)

The gamble [sound recording] /
Ashley, Kristen 21 audio discs (25.5 hr.)

The garden of burning sand [sound recording] : a novel /
Addison, Corban, A young American lawyer and a Zambian police officer work together to uncover the identiy of a young Zambian girl who has been brutally assaulted and find out the person who is behind the crime. 12 sound discs (12 hr., 15 min.)

Gemini [sound recording] /
Cassella, Carol Wiley 11 sound discs (12 hr., 30 min.)

The heist [sound recording] : a novel /
Silva, Daniel, 10 sound discs (720 min.)

He's gone [sound recording] : a novel /
Caletti, Deb 10 sound discs (750 min)

Holiday buzz [sound recording] /
Coyle, Cleo 9 audio discs (10 hr.)

The housekeeper and the professor [sound recording] : a novel /
Ogawa, Yoko, 5 audio discs (6 hr)

In paradise [sound recording] /
Matthiessen, Peter 6 audio discs (6.5 hours)

In times of fading light [sound recording] : a novel /
Ruge, Eugen 10 sound discs (11 3/4 hr)

Invisible City [sound recording] /
Dahl, Julia, 6 sound discs (480 min.)

The king [sound recording] /
Ward, J. R., 19 sound discs (22 hr., 30 min.)

A king's ransom [sound recording] /
Penman, Sharon Kay 24 sound discs (28 hr., 30 min.)

The Last Kind Words Saloon [sound recording] /
McMurtry, Larry Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday move across the frontier from Long Grass, Texas, to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Denver. 3 sound discs (3 hr., 45 min.)

Love and treasure [sound recording] : a novel /
Waldman, Ayelet A tale inspired by the World War II Hungarian Gold Train follows the 1945 American capture of a locomotive filled with riches and the efforts of a Jewish-American lieutenant's granddaughter to track down a mysterious woman seventy years later. 12 sound discs (14 hr., 30 min.)

The matchmaker [sound recording] /
Hilderbrand, Elin 11 sound discs (750 min.)

Mercy snow [sound recording] : a novel /
Baker, Tiffany 9 sound discs (11 hr)

Mr. Mercedes [sound recording] : a novel /
King, Stephen, 12 sound discs (approximately 14 hr.)

Natchez burning [sound recording] /
Iles, Greg 30 sound discs (36 hr)

Nightwings [sound recording] /
Silverberg, Robert 6 audio discs (7 hrs.)

The pearl that broke its shell [sound recording] : a novel /
Hashimi, Nadia 13 sound discs (16 hr.)

A perfect life [sound recording] : a novel /
Steel, Danielle 7 sound discs (8 hr., 38 min.)

Phantom instinct [sound recording] /
Gardiner, Meg 10 audio discs (12 1/2 hr.)

Poisoned ground [sound recording] : a Rachel Goddard mystery /
Parshall, Sandra 8 audio discs ( 9.5 hr.)

The Polaris protocol [sound recording] /
Taylor, Brad, 11 sound discs (12 hr, 15 min)

Power play [sound recording] /
Coulter, Catherine 10 sound discs (11 hr., 46 min.)

The proud highway [sound recording] : saga of a desperate southern gentleman, 19
Thompson, Hunter S. 22 audio discs (27 1/2 hr.)

Remains of innocence [sound recording] /
Jance, Judith A. 10 sound discs (12 1/2 hr.)

Sandstorm [sound recording] /
Rollins, James, 14 audio discs (16 hr.)

Sergeant Stubby [sound recording] : how a stray dog and his best friend helped w
Bausum, Ann 5 audio discs (5 hr.)

Shockwave [sound recording] : an aftershock novel /
Vachss, Andrew H. 6 audio discs (approximately 453 min.)

Sight unseen [sound recording] : a novel /
Johansen, Iris 9 sound discs (621 min.)

The snow queen [sound recording] : a novel /
Cunningham, Michael, 6 sound discs (7 hr)

Stormy persuasion [sound recording] /
Lindsey, Johanna 8 sound discs (10 hr.)

Strange bodies [sound recording] : a novel /
Theroux, Marcel 9 sound discs (660 min.)

Suspicion [sound recording] : a novel /
Finder, Joseph 9 sound discs (10 hr., 15 min.)

The temporary gentleman [sound recording] /
Barry, Sebastian, 6 audio discs (7 1/2 hr.)

Think like a freak [sound recording] /
Levitt, Steven D. Think Like A Freak takes listeners further inside this special thought process, revealing a new way of approaching the decisions people make, the plans they create, and the morals they choose. 5 sound discs (330 min.)

Those who wish me dead (CD) [sound recording] /
Koryta, Michael 9 sound discs (630 min.)

Tibetan peach pie [sound recording] : a true account of an imaginative life /
Robbins, Tom, 10 audio discs (12 1/2 hr.)

Under Magnolia [sound recording] : a southern memoir /
Mayes, Frances 8 sound discs (ca 10 hr)

Wayfaring stranger [sound recording] : a novel /
Burke, James Lee, A sprawling thriller drenched with atmosphere and intrigue that takes a young boy from a chance encounter with Bonnie and Clyde to the trenches of World War II and the oil fields along the Texas-Louisiana coast. 11 sound discs (780 min.)

We are all completely beside ourselves [sound recording] : [a novel] /
Fowler, Karen Joy 7 sound discs (ca. 540 min.)

Wisp of a thing [sound recording] /
Bledsoe, Alex 8 sound discs (ca 9 hr)

Written in my own heart's blood [sound recording] : a novel /
Gabaldon, Diana 38 audio discs (45 hr.)