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Sonoma-Lake-Mendocino County Libraries' New Books on CD -- Adult

Air bound [sound recording] : a Sea Haven novel /
Feehan, Christine 10 audio discs (12 hr., 38 min.)

Being mortal [sound recording] /
Gawande, Atul 7 sound discs (9 hr.)

The best defense [sound recording] /
Gray, A. W. 11 audio discs (13 hr.)

The big fat surprise [sound recording] : why meat, butter, and cheese belong in
Teicholz, Nina 11 sound discs (13 1/2 hr.)

Big little lies [sound recording] /
Moriarty, Liane 13 sound discs (ca. 16 hr.)

Blood magick [sound recording] /
Roberts, Nora 10 audio discs (11 hr., 57 min.)

Blood on the water [sound recording] /
Perry, Anne 10 audio discs (11.75 hr.)

The bone clocks [sound recording] : a novel /
Mitchell, David 21 audio discs (24 hr., 30 min.) ;

The bone seeker [sound recording] : an Edie Kiglatuk mystery /
McGrath, M. J., 11 audio discs (12 1/2 hr.)

The book of life [sound recording] : a novel /
Harkness, Deborah E., 19 sound discs (ca. 24 hr.)

The book of life [sound recording] : a novel /
Harkness, Deborah E., 20 sound discs (23 hr., 45 min.)

The book of strange new things [sound recording] /
Faber, Michel 16 sound discs (19 1/2 hr.)

Burn [sound recording] /
Patterson, James, 7 audio discs (8 hrs)

A call to action [sound recording] : [women, religion, violence, and power] /
Carter, Jimmy, 6 compact discs (6.5 hr.)

Cat under fire [sound recording] /
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau Joe Grey, a cat with the ability to talk and understand human speech, now has company--a "girlfriend" cat named Dulcie who shares his gifts. But Dulcie's enthusiasm for solving an all-too-human murder mystery could get Joe Grey 7 sound discs (ca. 8 hr., 30 min.)

The children act [sound recording] : a novel /
McEwan, Ian 5 audio discs (6 hr.) ;

Cross my heart /
Patterson, James, 8 audio discs (9.5 hours)

Curiosity thrilled the cat [sound recording] : a magical cats mystery /
Kelly, Sofie, 9 sound discs (630 min.)

Daring [sound recording] : my passages /
Sheehy, Gail 12 sound discs (898 min.)

The dead will tell [sound recording] /
Castillo, Linda An Amish town is haunted by the ghosts of its past as Police Chief Kate Burkholder untangles a dangerous web. 8 sound discs (8.5 hr.)

Deep down dark [sound recording] : the untold stories of 33 men buried in a Chil
Tobar, Hector, The exclusive, official story of the survival, faith, and family of Chile's thirty-three trapped miners. 11 sound discs (13.5 hr.)

The Devaney brothers [sound recording] : Daniel /
Woods, Sherryl 5 audio discs (approximately 366 min.)

The directive [sound recording] : a novel /
Quirk, Matthew 8 audio discs (approximately 9 hr.)

The drop [sound recording] : a novel /
Lehane, Dennis 5 audio discs (5 1/2 hr.)

Edge of eternity [sound recording] /
Follett, Ken 29 sound discs (2220 min.)

An event in autumn [sound recording] /
Mankell, Henning, 3 audio discs (3 hr., 16 min.)

E2 [sound recording] : nine do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your th
Grout, Pam Pam Grout provides simple experiments to prove once and for all that reality is malleable, that consciousness trumps matter, and that people can shape their lives with their mind. 4 sound discs

The farm [sound recording] /
Smith, Tom Rob 8 audio discs (570 min.)

Festive in death [sound recording] /
Robb, J. D., 11 audio discs (13 hr., 17 min.)

A fighting chance [sound recording]/
Warren, Elizabeth 9 sound discs (660 min.)

Food [sound recording] : a love story /
Gaffigan, Jim 6 sound discs (450 min.)

Fortune's daughter [sound recording] /
Hoffman, Alice 7 audio discs (8 hr.)

The golem and the jinni [sound recording] : a novel /
Wecker, Helene 16 audio discs (1185 min.)

Gray Mountain [sound recording] /
Grisham, John 12 sound discs (720 min.)

Half a king [sound recording] /
Abercrombie, Joe Heir to the throne Yarvi, prompted by the murder of his father, embarks on a kingdom-transforming journey to regain the throne, even though having only one good hand means he cannot wield a weapon. 8 audio discs (9 hr., 15 min.) ;

Hands free mama [sound recording] : a guide to putting down the phone, burning t
Stafford, Rachel Macy, 6 sound disc (7.75 hr.)

Hard choices [sound recording] /
Clinton, Hillary Rodham 21 audio discs (1560 min.)

Herbie's game [sound recording] : a Junior Bender mystery /
Hallinan, Timothy 9 audio discs (11 hr.)

Heroes are my weakness [sound recording] : a novel /
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth 11 audio discs (12 hr., 51 min., 13 sec.)

The hidden child [sound recording] /
Lackberg, Camilla, 12 sound discs (15 hr.)

A history of the future [sound recording] : a world made by hand novel /
Kunstler, James Howard 10 audio discs (720 min.)

I am Pilgrim [sound recording] : a thriller /
Hayes, Terry, 19 sound discs (24 hr.)

In the kingdom of ice [sound recording] : the grand and terrible polar voyage of
Sides, Hampton 14 audio discs (1050 min.)

The innovators [sound recording] : how a group of hackers, geniuses, and geeks c
Isaacson, Walter 15 sound discs (17 hr., 30 min.)

An Italian wife [sound recording] /
Hood, Ann, 7 audio discs (9 hr.)

The king's curse [sound recording] /
Gregory, Philippa 20 sound discs (1320 min.)

Last to know [sound recording] /
Adler, Elizabeth 7 audio discs (approximately 8 hr.)

Leaving time [sound recording] : a novel /
Picoult, Jodi, 12 sound discs (15 hr., 12 min.)

The liar's wife [sound recording] : four novellas /
Gordon, Mary, 11 audio discs (approximately 761 min.)

Lila [sound recording] : a novel /
Robinson, Marilynne 8 sound discs (9 hr.)

Lisette's list [sound recording] : a novel /
Vreeland, Susan 11 sound discs (13 hr.)

A long way home [sound recording] : a memoir /
Brierley, Saroo 6 audio discs (7 1/2 hr.)

The lost key [sound recording] /
Coulter, Catherine 11 sound discs (12 hr., 50 min.)

Lucky us [sound recording] : a novel /
Bloom, Amy, 6 sound discs (7 1/2 hr.)

The map of heaven [sound recording] /
Alexander, Eben 4 sound discs (5 hr.)

The mark of the midnight manzanilla [sound recording] /
Willig, Lauren 10 audio discs (12 hr., 20 min.)

Mean streak [sound recording] : a novel /
Brown, Sandra, 10 audio discs (approximately 720 min.)

The most dangerous animal of all [sound recording] /
Stewart, Gary L. 9 audio discs (660 min.)

Neil Patrick Harris [sound recording] : choose your own autobiography /
Harris, Neil Patrick, 6 sound discs (450 min.)

The night searchers [sound recording] : a Sharon McCone mystery /
Muller, Marcia 6 audio discs (7 hr.)

Nine lives to die [sound recording] : a Mrs. Murphy mystery /
Brown, Rita Mae 7 sound discs (ca. 7.5 hr.)

No safe house [sound recording] /
Barclay, Linwood A family's troubled past is about to return in more ways than one. And this time, they may not be able to escape. 10 sound discs (12.5 hours)

Not that kind of girl [sound recording] : a young woman tells you what she's "le
Dunham, Lena, 5 sound discs (6 hr.)

Oil and honey [sound recording] : [the education of an unlikely activist] /
McKibben, Bill Bestselling author and environmental activist Bill McKibben recounts the personal and global story of the fight to build and preserve a sustainable planet. 8 sound discs (9 hrs, 30 min.)

One kick [sound recording] /
Cain, Chelsea 8 sound discs (570 min.)

The painter [sound recording] : a novel /
Heller, Peter, 9 audio discs (11 1/2 hr.) ;

Paris match [sound recording] /
Woods, Stuart 6 sound discs (7 hr., 30 min.)

Paw and order [sound recording] /
Quinn, Spencer Visiting reporter Suzie Sanchez's home in Washington, D.C., canine investigator Chet lands in the path of an operative with links to a conspiracy involving a British intelligence agent, a strange bird, and a guinea pig. 8 sound discs (9 hr., 15 min.)

The perfect witness [sound recording] /
Johansen, Iris 9 sound discs (639 min.)

The Romanov sisters [sound recording] : the lost lives of the daughters of Nicho
Rappaport, Helen 12 audio discs (approximately 806 min.)

The secret club that runs the world [sound recording] : inside the fraternity of
Kelly, Kate, 7 audio discs (approximately 487 min.)

Small blessings [sound recording] : a novel /
Woodroof, Martha, 10 sound discs (12 hr.)

Soldier girls [sound recording] : the battles of three women at home and at war
Thorpe, Helen, 13 sound discs (15 hr., 55 min.)

Somewhere safe with somebody good [sound recording] /
Karon, Jan, 14 audio discs (17 hr., 30 min.)

Special deluxe [sound recording] /
Young, Neil, From Neil Young, the iconic musician and 'New York Times' -bestselling author of Waging Heavy Peace, a second installment of his memoirs. 9 sound discs (9 hr., 30 min.)

Sunshine on Scotland Street [sound recording] /
McCall Smith, Alexander, 8 sound discs (9 hr., 30 min.)

Talk like TED [sound recording] : the 9 public-speaking secrets of the world's t
Gallo, Carmine By revealing the top nine secrets of the most successful TED Talks ever given, bestselling author and communications guru Carmine Gallo gives readers the ultimate guide to public speaking. 6 sound discs (450 min.)

To rise again at a decent hour [sound recording] : a novel /
Ferris, Joshua 8 sound discs (600 min.)

An unwilling accomplice [sound recording] /
Todd, Charles 9 audio discs (approximately 661 min.)

Vertigo 42 [sound recording] : a Richard Jury mystery /
Grimes, Martha 10 sound discs (12 hr.)

A walk to remember [sound recording] /
Sparks, Nicholas audio discs ( hr.)

Walking the walk [sound recording] : putting the teachings into practice when it
Chodron, Pema 4 sound discs (4 hr., 24 min.)

War dogs [sound recording] /
Bear, Greg, 8 sound discs (ca. 9 hr.)

Wars of the Roses. Stormbird [sound recording] /
Iggulden, Conn After gentle Henry VI takes the throne and is promised a royal bride from France, the rival royal line, the House of York, begins their quest to oust him. 14 sound discs (16 hr., 15 min.)

The weight of blood [sound recording] /
McHugh, Laura 8 sound discs (ca. 600 min.)

What W.H. Auden can do for you [sound recording] /
McCall Smith, Alexander, 3 audio discs (3 hr.)

Windigo Island [sound recording] /
Krueger, William Kent When the body of a missing Ojibwa girl washes up on a Lake Superior island, rekindling Native American superstitions about mythical monsters, Cork O'Connor struggles to obtain information from reluctant witnesses to a brutal sex-trafficki 10 audio discs (11 hr., 45 min.) ;

The witch with no name [sound recording] /
Harrison, Kim, 14 audio discs (17 hr., 30 min.)