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About the Foundation

The mission of the Sonoma County Public Library Foundation is to strengthen the ability of the Sonoma County Library to serve our community by raising funds to support the library, and to promote the use of library resources, enthusiasm for reading, and increased literacy for all Sonoma County residents.

With private financial support, the Foundation expects to enhance, not replace the Library's current funding system. In recent years, the Library Foundation has supported the following projects:

  • Sonoma County Reads, a countywide community reading event
  • The Sonoma County Library's Summer Reading Program, with outreach to children at YMCA camps who would not otherwise be able to participate
  • Sonoma County Library Book Discussion Groups, with the purchase of sets of books to be used in the book discussions
  • Born to Read, which distributed a new hardcover book and library information to each baby born in Sonoma County.

In addition, we are currently raising funds to enhance the Library's Spanish-language collection.

The Foundation has been established as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation and has been designated a 501 (c)(3) by the IRS. Managed by the Board of Directors, the Foundation is wholly independent of the Library and its Commission.

Types of Donations

All of our efforts are made possible primarily through donations from individuals like you. Please help us build an even stronger Sonoma County Library.


The Foundation will welcome your gift of cash, securities, other valuable personal property, or real estate.

Memorial Donations

Families may wish to make memorial donations in honor of their departed. Receipt of these donations may be acknowledged as donors specify.


You may wish to provide for the Foundation in your will or trust. You may designate it as:

  • Recipient of a specific sum or property;
  • Sole beneficiary of the will
  • Partial beneficiary, to receive all or a part of the residuary estate.
  • Contingent beneficiary, to receive all or a part of the estate under conditions specified by you.

Life Insurance

If you own a life insurance policy, you may wish to name the Foundation as beneficiary.

Unrestricted Gifts

These allow the Foundation maximum flexibility in the use of donations.

Specific Gifts

You may direct that your donation be used for the benefit of a particular library in Sonoma County. You may also designate other specific uses, such as areas of the Library's collection, types of library materials, or specific services.

If you decide to direct a specific use for your gift, you will find it helpful to confer in advance with Foundation or Library officials.

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Board of Directors

Jenni Klose - President
David S. Ebright - Vice President
Norma Doyle - Secretary
Dan Jenkins - Treasurer
Gary Bunas
Bryan Coryell
Karen FitzGerald
Julia Freis
Kathleen Larsen


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