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Waights Taylor




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Our Southern Home

Three eighteen-year-old southerners start the day of March 25, 1961, not knowing that the events soon to occur in Scottsboro, Alabama will lead them and the South on an inexorable journey of change: Clarence Norris, black, is boarding a freight train as a hobo in Chattanooga; Waights Taylor, white, is a student at the University of Alabama; Rosa McCauley Parks, black, is a resident of Pine Level, Alabama. The three become involved in the Scottsboro events in different ways with profound implications to the region and their lives. Three cities Scottsboro, Montgomery, and Birmingham are the critical points for the events about to unfold: Clarence Norris becomes one of the Scottsboro Boys; Waights Taylor is from an upper middle class Birmingham family; Rosa Parks will spark the start of the civil rights movement in Montgomery. Each city bears the scars of its segregated past leading to the second emancipation of African Americans from the yokes of slavery and segregation.

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