Designing and maintaining your edible landscap...


Robert Kourik




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Edible landscaping

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Designing and maintaining your edible landscape naturally

This classic bestseller, first published in 1986, is back in print by popular demand. It is the authoritative text on edible landscaping, featuring a step-by-step guide to designing your own aesthetic yet productive environment using vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs for a combination of ornamental and culinary purposes. It includes descriptions of plants for all temperate habitats, methods for improving soil, tree pruning styles that suit you and your trees, and gourmet recipes using low-maintenance plants. There are sections on attracting beneficial insects with companion plants, and using planting to shelter your home from erosion, heat, wind, and cold. Presenting such a wealth of information in an accessible and absorbing way is certainly no mean feat but Robert manages it with aplomb, and will soon have you creating a world of both beauty and abundance.

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