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Name Title Published Download Subject
Allison, DorothyBastard out of Carolina1992noChild abuse
Barich, BillA pint of plain2009noBars (Drinking establishments)
Barich, BillLong way home2010noNon-fiction
Boyle, T. CoraghessanThe women2009noBiographical fiction
Boyle, T. CoraghessanWild child2010noNon-fiction
Boyle, T. CoraghessanWhen the killing's done2011noWomen biologists
Chadwick, DavidCrooked cucumber1999noZen priests
Clark, Susan M.The Sea Ranch2009noNon-fiction
Corba, AnnaVintage paper crafts2004noPaper work
Corba, AnnaMaking memory boxes2005noBox making
Cox, JeffThe organic food shopper's guide2008noCooking (Natural foods)
Crone, AllaLegacy of amber2004noHistorical fiction
Dick, Philip K.Beyond the door1954yesFiction
Dick, Philip K.The crystal crypt1954yesFiction
Dick, Philip K.We can remember it for you wholesale1987noScience fiction, American
Dick, Philip K.The eye of the sibyl and other classic stories1992noNon-fiction
Dick, Philip K.Do androids dream of electric sheep?1996noAndroids
Dick, Philip K.The minority report2002noCrime prevention
Dick, Philip K.Humpty Dumpty in Oakland2007noSelf-deception
Dick, Philip K.Voices from the street2007noSelf-perception
Digitale, RobertHorse Stalker2011yesFantasy
Digitale, RobertSonoma Squares Murder Mystery2012yesMystery
Fisher, M. F. K. (Mary Frances Kennedy)Serve it forth1989noGastronomy
Fisher, M. F. K. (Mary Frances Kennedy)A stew or a story2006noGastronomy
Ford, James IshmaelIn this very moment2002noZen Buddhism
Frank, JoanMiss Kansas City2006noEditors
Freed, LynnThe curse of the appropriate man2004noMan-woman relationships
Freed, LynnReading, writing, and leaving home2005noAuthors, South African
Freed, LynnThe servants' quarters2009noJewish families
Haslam, GeraldGrace period2006noCancer
Haslam, GeraldIn thought and action2011noCollege teachers
Hegland, JeanInto the forest1996noWilderness survival
Hill, Gerald N.Monterey and Carmel2004noNon-fiction
Howell, DaedalusI heart Sonoma2012noFiction
Jordan, Michele AnnaCalifornia home cooking1997noCooking, American
Jukes, MavisBe healthy! it's a girl thing2003noGirls
Jukes, MavisSmoke2009noMothers and sons
Kann, KennethComrades and chicken ranchers1993noJews
Keator, GlennIntroduction to trees of the San Francisco Bay Region2002noTrees
Keator, GlennDesigning California native gardens2007noNative plant gardening
Keator, GlennCalifornia plant families2009noPlants
Keen, SamSightings2007noBirds
Keen, SamIn the absence of God2010noSpirituality
Kourik, RobertThe tree & shrub finder2000noOrnamental trees
Kourik, RobertDesigning and maintaining your edible landscape naturally2004noEdible landscaping
Laux, DorianneThe book of men2011noNon-fiction
London, JackThe call of the wild1903yesFiction
London, JackSea wolf1904yesFiction
London, JackWhite fang1906yesFiction
London, JackMartin Eden1984noAmerican fiction
London, JonathanThe lion who had asthma1992noAsthma
London, JonathanWiggle waggle2002noAnimal locomotion
London, JonathanA truck goes rattley-bumpa2005noTrucks
London, JonathanSled dogs run2005noSled dogs
London, JackThe road2006noAuthors, American
London, JonathanA train goes clickety-clack2007noRailroad trains
London, JonathanA plane goes ka-zoom!2010noAirplanes
London, JonathanI'm a truck driver2010noTrucks
Lynch , JackWolf House2002noMurder
Lynch , JackBecoming Shakespeare2007noDramatists, English
Mazzeo, TilarBack lane wineries of Sonoma County2008noWine tourism
McCabe, Linda C.Sonoma Squares Murder Mystery2012yesMystery
McDougall, John A.Dr. McDougall's digestive tune-up2006noDigestive organs
Muller, MarciaVanishing point2006noMcCone, Sharon (Fictitious character)
Muller, MarciaThe ever-running man2007noMcCone, Sharon (Fictitious character)
Muller, MarciaBurn out2008noMcCone, Sharon (Fictitious character)
Muller, MarciaLocked in2009noMcCone, Sharon (Fictitious character)
Muller, MarciaComing back2010noMcCone, Sharon (Fictitious character)
O'Reilly, TimThe Twitter book2009noOnline social networks
Perdue, LewisThe Da Vinci legacy2004noForgery of manuscripts
Perdue, LewisPerfect killer2005noHuman experimentation in medicine
Pronzini, BillThe crimes of Jordan Wise2006noAccountants
Pronzini, BillSavages2007noNameless Detective (Fictitious character)
Pronzini, BillFever2008noNameless Detective (Fictitious character)
Pronzini, BillThe other side of silence2008noPrivate investigators
Pronzini, BillSchemers2009noNameless Detective (Fictitious character)
Pronzini, BillBetrayers2010noNameless Detective (Fictitious character)
Pronzini, BillThe hidden2010noSerial murders
Pronzini, BillCamouflage2011noNameless Detective (Fictitious character)
Raskin, JonahField days2009noFarm life
Ray, Barbara F.Cooking with chardonnay2003noCooking (Wine)
Ray, Barbara F.Cooking with merlot2003noCooking (Wine)
Rinehart, Katherine J.Petaluma: A History in Architecture2005noHistoric buildings
Shilts, RandyThe mayor of Castro Street2008noGay liberation movement
Sinetar, MarshaA way without words1992noSpiritual life
Sinetar, MarshaDon't call me old, I'm just awakening!2002noOlder Christians
Stephens, RansomThe God patent2009noReligion and science
Tan, AmyThe kitchen god's wife1991noMothers and daughters
Tan, AmyThe bonesetter's daughter2001noChinese American families
Tan, AmySaving fish from drowning2005noAmericans
Taylor, WaightsOur Southern Home2011noHistory
Venolia, CarolNatural remodeling for the not-so-green house2006noDwellings
Waits, TomThe early years2007noRock music
Wilson, SimonePetaluma, California2001noNon-fiction
Wilson, SimoneThe Russian River2002noNon-fiction
Zukav, GaryThe dancing wu li masters2001noQuantum theory
Zukav, GaryThe mind of the soul2004noChoice (Psychology)
Zukav, GarySoul to soul2007noSpirituality
Zukav, GarySpiritual partnership2010noSpiritual life