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Waights Taylor

Waights Taylor Jr., born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, lives in Santa Rosa, California. His professional career included twenty-four years in the aviation industry and then twenty-two years in management consulting. When his professional career was coming to an end, he turned to writing. He is an author, a poet, and a playwright. His first book, Alfons Mucha's Slav Epic: An Artist's History of the Slavic People, was published in 2008. His latest book, Our Southern Home: Scottsboro to Montgomery to Birmingham-The Transformation of the South in the Twentieth century, was published in October 2011. He has written a number of short stories and plays. His first chapbook of poetry, titled Literary Ramblings, was published in early 2011. Waights is a member of the Healdsburg Literary Guild and the Redwood Writers.

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Santa Rosa
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Our Southern Home
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