Suzanne Lipsett

Susan Lipsett was born in Buffalo, N.Y., grew up in Southern California and attended the University of California at Berkeley. Working as an editor and writer, she settled in Marin County, where she later received a Marin Arts Council Working Artist Grant in 1985. She later moved with her family to Petaluma. In her final decade, she began publishing under her own name and became a prominent Bay Area novelist and essayist. Her first two novels, "Coming Back Up" and "Out of Danger," were published by Atheneum in 1985 and 1987 respectively. The most recent, "Remember Me" (Mercury House, 1991), was nominated for a Bay Area Book Reviewer Association Award as well as a PEN West Literary Award. Ms. Lipsett also wrote the highly acclaimed "Surviving a Writer's Life," a series of essays on writing, memory, and imagination (Harper San Francisco, 1993). She was working on another series of interlinked memoir-style essays called "Non-Believer: An Atheist Seeks Her Path."

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