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Sterling Bennett

I live here in Guanajuato, Mexico, an ancient mining capital, at 7,000 feet, high desert, on the western-facing slope of the canyon, 203 steps up from the bottom. You can find Guanajuato on the map by laying a ruler between Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara, and then extending the line eastward, until you arrive at the center of the country. Guanajuato is a lovely old colonial city, with a good university and a very good symphony orchestra. It is a fine place to learn Spanish and other languages. It is the home of the three-week long Festival Cervantino, with performing artists from all over the world. It is a small walking city, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I encourage you to read my novel Playing for Pancho Villa, a story about a young mining engineer (based on my own grandfather) who at the age of twenty-eight and suffering from mercury poisoning—hence lacking judgment—wanders down into the Mexican Revolution in 1916 and becomes an adversary, but not the enemy, of Pancho Villa, who in the end helps him out of a hopeless situation. It is a passionate tale of deserts, guns, horses and love, in the flavor of John Reed’s Insurgent Mexico. I think you will like it, if you like my stories.

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Playing for Pancho Villa
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Sebastopol resident, 1967-2001

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