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Robert Digitale

For three decades, Robert Digitale has been a newspaper reporter in Santa Rosa, California. More recently he published his first novel, HORSE STALKER, and he conceived and edited SONOMA SQUARES MURDER MYSTERY, a novella by 16 different writers that appeared in 2012 in the pages of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. As a reporter, Robert has been trounced at tennis by the late "Peanuts" creator Charles M. Schulz, and has had President Barack Obama then a U.S. senator put a hand on Robert's back in order to prevent a collision. He still has the historic sports coat. His assignments have included education, City Hall, real estate and agriculture. While covering education, Robert wrote award-winning stories on the growing ethnic segregation in Santa Rosa public schools, as well as on the small number of Latino high school graduates from Sonoma County that have completed all the preparatory classes needed to enter four-year colleges. He is the host of The Press Democrat blog, Digitale Stories. Robert and his wife Carol have their own publishing business: Franklin Park Press. They have three daughters living in Chicago, New York City and London.

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Santa Rosa
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Horse Stalker
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Horse Stalker2011Fantasy
Sonoma Squares Murder Mystery2012Mystery
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