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Raphael Block

Born on a kibbutz in Israel to pioneering parents, I spent my boyhood playing on the hills of Haifa.

Just before turning nine, my family br /eturned to London. Learning English shaped my ear for sounds, and the British climate and temperament fashioned my life over the next 25 years, until I met and married an American living in London.

We moved to Northern California with our daughter in 1993. My partner died from cancer in 2002, and for the following years it’s been my privilege to br /aise our child.

I have worked with children of all ages for almost 30 years. A long time meditator, I breathe in wonder at the earth’s and our own br /hythmic ebb and flow. I live in an old apple orchard outside of Sebastopol, and consider myself br /ichly blessed. I love to share my words woven with music, and am incredibly fortunate to have been able to play with multi-instrumentalist Bhavani Judith Tucker, and mandolin/guitarist Phil Lawrence.

I suffer with Chron’s Disease. It has been a great teacher, forcing me over the years to pay attention to messages from my gut and to br /elate to my emotions in a fuller and more conscious way. In 2008, after surgery, Chron’s swept into the forefront of my life. Not only did I have to br /etire, but much more difficult has been the process of learning to lovingly care for myself. Leading life at a much slower pace is great for observing, writing, and being. The daily opportunities for gratitude and amazement seem to multiply with a life-threatening illness.

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