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Phyllis Meshulam

Phyllis Meshulam has her B.A. in Theater Arts from Pomona College and her MFA in both poetry and fiction from Vermont College. Phyllis has been a poet in the schools since 1999 and area coordinator since 2003. She is bilingual, author of a Spanish as a Second Language curriculum and has 14 years of experience as an elementary school Spanish teacher. She also teaches ESL to adults. Phyllis' poetry has appeared in many literary magazines and won numerous awards, including placing as a finalist in the U.S. Poet Laureates-judged competition for The Dickens. She was a judge for the NEA pilot poetry recitation contest, an instructor in Luther Burbank Center Creative Writing Workshops, and in a bilingual parents' stories class. A member and sometimes leader of Maxine Hong Kingston veterans' writing group, she is scheduled to have three of her poems appear in an anthology of writing from this group. She has a particular mission to bring poetry to low-income schools and schools with populations with limited English. Her grant-writing skills have helped make this dream a reality. During an average week these days, she goes from teaching suburban second graders, to adult construction workers learning English as a second language, to high school students at juvenile hall.

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