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Paige Braddock

Paige Braddock graduated with a degree in Fine Art from the University of Tennessee. She worked as an illustrator for several newspapers, including The Chicago Tribune and The Atlanta Constitution, before accepting a position as Creative Director at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates. As Creative Director, Paige works with the Schulz family members to oversee the art direction and editorial control for all Peanuts licensed product worldwide. Paige has also illustrated several Peanuts-themed children's books, including a pop-up book released by Simon and Schuster.

In 2001 Paige launched her own publishing company, Girl Twirl Comics, so that she could finally make her comic feature, Jane's World, available to comic shops and bookstores. Jane's World started as an online feature in the late 1990s, but was soon picked up for online distribution by United Feature Syndicate, Inc. Now distributed by Universal Press Syndicate, daily installments of Jane's World appear on their GoComics website.

Paige also writes lesbian romance fiction under the name Missouri Vaun.

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