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Nick Alva

Having lived in the Bay Area all of his life (born in Castro Valley in 1963 -- a true child of the sixties -- and living in Sonoma County since 1974), Nicholas Alva has been afforded the perfect perspective for the subject matter of MorningStar.

A graduate of Sonoma State University in History and a self-taught musician/composer, Nicholas has had tons of experience composing and performing, chiefly as co-founder of the music group, The Round, which performed and received radio play throughout Northern California in the 1990's. Nicholas then moved into composing and recording for theatre: musicals, soundscapes and dance pieces -- collaboration being the key. Using these experiences, Nicholas wrote this living history play with music and dance, which he actually did not intend to do. The subject floated into his hands and, due to certain events and conditions he ended up writing MorningStar, with the help of many of the original participants. But it all makes sense as the play is metaphysical, timeless, and open, with a life of its own. An archetypal manifestation of a true event, an echo which intends to vibrate anew, that is MorningStar.

Nicholas is also the founder of Alva Sound Art Studio, a collaborative group and the umbrella for Community Theatre At Large, which is producing the show.

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