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Mike Downs

I began my working career, and love of sports cars, at age 10. I started the voyage sweeping floors at a foreign car parts store in Northern Virginia. At 16, I was a partner in a good little foreign car repair shop in Falls Church Virginia.It was there a few years later I met Bob Tullius from Group44. I did some work on his cars and later joined his famous team as a racing driver.During my tenure with Group 44, the immaculately prepared cars allowed me to win many races and a National Championship. I moved to the Mecca of American racing in California to race the new Titan Formula Ford for their West Coast distributor. I moved from there to race for BRE in the Datsun Trans Am car. I drove for the Porsche of America Racing Team in the big three American endurance events, Daytona, Sebring, and Watkins Glen. In the mid seventies I headed up Silverstone Enterprises to prepare and drive the Porsche Carreras for IMSA racing, culminating in a class win at the Daytona 24 hour race. In the late seventies I moved back to the grandeur of California to open Downs Engineering. During the next twenty odd years I raced Formula Atlantic, Trans Am and IMSA GTO. In the new century I won a championship driving my own designed and built Sports Racing Car. I've worked with the film industry and developed a remote camera mount for car chases and commercials. I've met some interesting blokes here, could be the makings of some future novels. Currently the shop builds race cars from the ground up. We do restorations on vintage race cars, and design and build specialty cars. The shop is busy building racing engines, and the Hayabusa engine parts we develop. I have written four novels so far dealing with early American racing in the 1920s and 30s.Tales of fabulous cars, Nazi intrigue, and lovely ladies keep me poking at the keyboard, and hopefully entertaining my readers. I have tons of ideas for future novels and am bursting to get them in ink.

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