M. F.K. (Mary Frances Kennedy) Fisher

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Glen Ellen
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How to Eat a Wolf
Food and Wine
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Serve it forth1989Gastronomy
A stew or a story2006Gastronomy
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Title Subject
A Cordial Water
A Memoir of Provence
A Stew or a Story
A considerable townDescription and travel
A cordiall water; a garland of odd ...Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric
A life in lettersCorrespondence
A welcoming lifeBiography
Among friendsBiography
An alphabet for gourmetsGastronomy
Answer in the Affirmative & the Old ...
As they wereCookery
Consider the oysterCookery (Oysters)
Conversations with M.F.K. FisherInterviews
Cooking of Provincial France (Foods ...
Cooking of Provincial France Recipe ...
Deux cuisines en Provence =Provençal style
Dubious honorsGastronomy
Fine Preserving M F K Fishers Annotated
From the journals of M.F.K. FisherBiography
Guide to Good Food/Answer Key
Here let us feastGastronomy
How to cook a wolfAmerican Cookery
Last houseBiography
Le fantôme de Brillat-Savarin
Long ago in FranceSocial life and customs
M.F.K. Fisher: A Life in LettersCorrespondence
Map of another townDescription
Not now but nowProtected DAISY
Recipes: the cooking of provincial ...French Cookery
Serve It Forth (Art of Eating)
Serve it forthFood
Sirvase de Inmediato
Sister AgePhilosophy
Spirits of the valleyHomes and haunts
Stay me, oh comfort meBiography
The 1990 Great American Vineyards D ...
The Art of Eating (Tales of the Wil ...
The Cooking of Provincl France (Foo ...
The Measure of Her PowersBiography
The Physiology of Taste
The boss dogFiction
The cooking of provincial FranceFrench Cookery
The gastronomical meGastronomy
The story of wine in CaliforniaViticulture
To begin againBiography
Two towns in ProvenceDescription and travel
Un Alfabeto Para Gourmets
Une mariée à Dijon
With Bold Knife and Fork (On Food)

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