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Lin Lipetz lives in Sonoma, California, where she teaches painting at the Sonoma Community Center, workshops in Northern Californa and at her home-studio. She is a full time painter devoting herself to what she calls an "Inner theatre of the mind," where intuitive ideas and concepts arrive unbidden, begging to be painted. While living in Seattle for 30 years she became a well known Northwest Artist and Educator. Her work is owned by many private collectors, corporations and the Seattle Art Museum. She was represented by the Seligman, Foster White and Woodside Galleries. During that time she founded and directed her own art school for 10 years, "The Factory of Visual Art," with an enrollment of 500 students and 30 part time faculty. She also taught at the University of Washington. Since moving to California in 1978 Lin has created her work in studios in Davis, Big Sur and Sonoma. Her paintings have been represented by galleries in San Francisco, Santa Monica, Chicago, New York, Seattle and Sonoma. For the past 3 years she has been deeply involved in producing a series of Intuitive, Bird and Botanical watercolor paintings. Just recently she has begun to show this new work in galleries and on this, her first website. She has recently been honored by the Sonoma Cultural and Fine Arts Commission, whose members voted her the "Sonoma Treasure Artist 2009-2010, for her contributions to the community as a whole and to the arts community." The Sonoma Community Center also recently honored her this summer with a 50 year Retrospective of her paintings and ceramics.

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The Secret of Inner Presence
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