Lehua Taitano

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Lehua Taitano

Lehua M. Taitano, a native Chamoru from Yigu, Guahån (familian Taitano and Flores) has spent her lifetime residing either in the mountains or by the sea. She is a graduate of The University of Montana's M.F.A. Creative Writing Program and author of the Merriam-Frontier Award-winning chapbook appalachiapacific. Her first book, A Bell Made of Stones, is forthcoming from TinFish Press. Her poetry, essays, and Pushcart Prize-nominated fiction have appeared in Versal, dislocate, Nano Fiction, and Tinfish Journal, among others. She also has work featured in or forthcoming from the following anthologies: The Fiction at Work Bi-Annual Report, USO's on Freeways: Anthology of Pacific Island Writers in/from the U.S., Micronesia Anthology: Indigenous Writers of Micronesia, and Transpacific Poetics. She is a 2011 Visiting Writer of Fiction at Idyllwild Arts Academy in southern California.

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A Bell Made of Stones
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