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Kerry Rego

Kerry Rego is a Social Media trainer, technology consultant, and keynote speaker that works with individuals, businesses, government, and non-profits. She educates, implements, and trains people of all ages on new media tools. Kerry is the County of Sonoma Social Media staff trainer, City of Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department Social Media instructor, lead trainer for the California Community College grant funded Interactive Internet Mobile Applications for Business program (IIMA4BIZ), a North Bay Business Journal columnist, and a Vistage International speaker. She is a recipient of the North Bay Business Journal?s 2011 ?Forty Under 40 Award?. Kerry started her adventure with technology on a Commodore 64 and a Texas Instrument TI-99/4A. She has 30 years of personal computer experience, 18 years as a multiple subject matter trainer, 17 years of corporate use on both PC and Mac, and has been training in her current capacity for 6 years. Technology continually excites her and it never gets old. Kerry is based out of Santa Rosa, CA in beautiful Sonoma County, an hour north of San Francisco. She was born there and makes it her home with her husband and daughter. *People and tech together, changing the world.

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