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Kenneth Lee Chastain

Kenneth Lee Chastain, Jr. was born the same year World War II began in Europe. Raised an only child in California he lived an insular life until joining the United States Navy in 1958. In the military he attended schools in electronics and was introduced to life beyond California. Compliments of the U.S. Navy, he traveled throughout the United States in the 1950s and 1960s becoming familiar with the customs and lifestyles in other regions of the country. During the latter part of his eight-year naval experience he was stationed on ships that made port in Hawaii, Mexico, Scotland, Portugal and Franco’s Spain. Once out of the Navy and after college he entered the Semiconductor Industry and traveled the world on business. The countries he visited helped to further broaden his understanding of the wider world. Later he made several trips to Brazil where he wrote a series of "Letters from Brazil" outlining his discoveries in that enormous and divergent country Chastain began writing seriously in the 1990s and has co-published a non-fiction book, Winged History, the Life and Times of Kenneth L. Chastain, Aviator (Turner Publishing,2003). His second published work,Spears Odyssey (Xlibris Corporation, 2010), is a novel of transformation. Flying Blind, his third book, is a uniquely human historical novel. His latest novel, Fly Me to Brazil, is a heartwarming tale of blossoming love while discovering the culture and history of this exotic country.

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