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Kendall F. Haven

Only West Point graduate to ever become a professional storyteller, Haven also holds a Masters Degree in Oceanography and spent eight years as a Senior Research Scientist for the Department of Energy before finding his true passion for storytelling and a very different kind of "truth." Haven has authored 27 books and dozens of articles with over 1,000,000 words in print. His recent major work,STORY PROOF: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story, has unleashed a revolution in understanding the role of story in human communications and joins his previous quartet of award-winning breakthrough practical guides to using, writing, teaching, and telling--all using the power inherent in the structure of effective stories. Haven has also written 18 collections of original, themed, historically and factually accurate stories. These collections use the power of story to bring science (science mysteries, science discoveries and inventions, earth science, ocean science, ecosystems, etc.) and history (Revolutionary War, Civil War, Women in American history, etc.) to vivid and compelling life for young readers. Haven has also published five audio storytelling tapes and created a three-hour high adventure radio drama style mini-series for National Public Radio on the effects of watching television that has won five major national awards. Haven's recent awards include the only nine-time winner of the Storytelling World Silver Award for best Story Anthology, the 1993 International Festival Association Silver Award for best Educational Program at a Major National Festival, the 1992 Corporation for Public Broadcasting Silver Award for best Children's Public Radio Production, and the 1991 Award for Excellence in California Education. Haven has twice been designated an American Library Association "Notable Recording Artist," and is the only storyteller in America with three entries in the American Library Association's "Best of the Best for Children." Haven is a former member of the Board of Directors for the National Storytelling Association, is a member of the Educational Advisory Committee of the National Storytelling Association, and was the founder and Chair of the International Whole Language Umbrella Storytelling Interest Group. He served as a co-director of the Sonoma Storytelling Festival, past four-year Chair of the Bay Area Storytelling Festival, and founder of Storytelling Festivals in Las Vegas, NV, and Boise, ID.

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