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Kathy Biggs

Kathy Biggs has been a nature lover all her life. As a child she traipsed through the fields and hills around her homes in the Bay Area, enjoyed camping outings, collected insects, and tried unsuccessfully to catch birds by shaking salt on their tails. After she married she and her husband became birders, first joining Mt. Diablo Audubon and then after they moved, Madrone Audubon in Santa Rosa. But it was when she and Dave built their wildlife garden pond using mostly native plants in Sebastopol, that the dragonflies arrived and became her passion. When she discovered that there were no guides available for the dragonflies, she began collecting her own data which, as an educator, she decided to first "publish" on the Internet to share with others. The web site eventually evolved into her first book, Common Dragonflies of California, A Beginner's Pocket Guide (2000).

Kathy worked as an educator in her hometown of Sebastopol, CA in the Gravenstein School district for 18 years before becoming an author/publisher/dragonfly/wildlife pond spokesperson. She and Dave enjoy excursions to many areas both to see the dragonflies and to teach people about them and about wildlife ponds.

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