Katherine J. Rinehart

Katherine J. Rinehart received her master's degree in History from Sonoma State University in 1994. For the past 18 years, Ms. Rinehart has worked in various positions within the fields of Cultural Resource Management and Historic Preservation and has been employed by the Sonoma County Library, where she works in the Sonoma County History and Genealogy Department, since 2002. Katherine is the author of Petaluma: A History in Architecture, a contributor to the Celebrating Petaluma published by the Petaluma Sesquicentennial Committee and the Petaluma Visitors Program. Ms. Rinehart is a regular contributor to the Argus Courier, has her own business specializing in historic research, writing, exhibit coordination and lecturing; was named Petaluma's Good Egg in 2007 and is past president of the Petaluma Museum Association.

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