Katherine Pierce Chinelli

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Katherine Pierce Chinelli

I'm an author, a mother, a wife, a friend and an enthusiast of the Law of Attraction philosophy. I started writing in third grade when the story our teacher was reading wasn't exciting enough for my tastes. I blossomed into a full-blown writer during high school when I would come home to work on my epic novel. After writing an entire novella in present tense for a college class, I got a taste for what I could really do. Writing for me is something that makes my heart sing. It helps me work through things in my life I want to delve deeper into. I started writing as a way to experience stories I couldn't already find on the shelves. Now I do it as a way to play and stretch my imagination. I mainly focus on romance as being the central theme of any piece, but I also like to add in visual action. My characters generally have an unusual quirk, and many of them have been living in my head for quite a long time. I enjoy writing screenplays, novels and novellas, as well as self-improvement nonfiction. I have quite a large body of work in my office waiting to be completed. With online self-publishing my capabilities are now unlimited. Outside of writing I enjoy watching my new daughter grow, playing with my husband, gardening, cooking, organizing, playing Sims and attending family get-togethers. I have traveled to ten countries outside the United States. I am obsessed with winning the lottery. And I have to give props to my writing partners, as well as all my family and friends who helped me get this far. Thank you a million times!

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