Karilee Halo Shames

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Karilee Halo Shames

As an emotionally under-nourished, overly-sensitive child, bestselling author and medical expert Karilee Shames' young life was plagued with maternal loneliness and misunderstanding. Like many girls, her chaotic upbringing might have influenced her to a life of mediocrity and unhappiness, yet instead she learned at a very young age to seek out other women who modeled the qualities she most sought to emulate, both in her personal and professional life. As she matured, she realized her experience was similar to so many other aspiring women. In college she pursued sociology, psychology, and child development, and read research on mechanisms of empowerment, including the tenets of Dr. Bandura, who called this "mastery modeling" approach the quickest route to improving our skills and achieving excellence. As an adult, she continued to seek out the wisdom of female mentors, befriended extraordinary women, and soon realized that she, herself, had become a mentor to others. For the last 30 years, she has taught empowerment skills to other female medical professionals, those in her social circles and, of course, her two (accomplished and happy) daughters.

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