Judith DeChesere-Boyle

Judith DeChesere-Boyle was born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and with the exception of living for three years both in England and Texas, was raised there. She first attended the University of Kentucky, and then moved to California, graduating from College of Marin with an AA degree in English with a Creative Writing emphasis and San Francisco State University with a BA degree in English. She attended Sonoma State University, earning two teaching credentials and an MA in Education. She taught English at the secondary level, retiring early enough to pursue her love of writing more seriously. She has raised two wonderful sons, and now lives in Sonoma County, California with her husband, Rick. Besides writing, she reads avidly, gardens, adores her three grandchildren, sails her Ericson 35 sloop, and walks her German Shepherd and Chocolate Lab/Britney three miles a day. She dotes on her one-eyed cat and enjoys tending the family’s pond full of koi.

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Big House Dreams
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