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Joy Wilt Berry

Joy Berry is an educator, parenting expert and child-development specialist who began writing self-help books for children more than 30 years ago when she couldn't find books that matched her philosophy of raising responsible children.

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Title Subject
A book about being selfishSelfishness
A book about fightingJuvenile literature
Being Destructive
Being Mean
Being Selfish
Being greedyChild development
Being meanCourtesy
Casey's Revenge (Human Race Club)
ComplainingChild development
DisobeyingChild development
Every kid's guide to being a commun ...Nonverbal communication in children
From Humans to Superstars
Good answers to tough questions abo ...
La Desobeissance (Parlons de)
Let's talk about being a bad sportSportsmanship
Let's talk about being lazyEmotions in children
Let's talk about being selfishEtiquette
Let's talk about complainingEmotions in children
Let's talk about feeling frustratedJuvenile literature
Let's talk about lyingEmotions in children
Let's talk about teasingChild development
Let's talk about throwing tantrumsAnger
May I? Please? Thank you!Etiquette for children and teenagers
Needing each otherInterpersonal relations
Overdoing itSelf-control in children
Saying what you meanAccessible book
Taming the big bad wolvesAccessible book
Teach Me about Crying (Teach Me about)
Teach Me about Getting Dressed (Tea ...Accessible book
Teach me about bedtimeSleep
Teach me about dangerParent and child
Teach me about mealtimeParent and child
Teach me about petsProtected DAISY
Weekly Reader Books presents Handli ...Interpersonal communication
Weekly Reader Books presents The ni ...Juvenile literature
What happened to A.J.?Human rights
What to do when someone asks you to ...Baby sitters
What to do when your mom or dad say ...Hospitality
What to do when your mom or dad say ...Accessible book
What to do when your mom or dad say ...Boredom
What to do when your mom or dad say ...Age groups
What to do when your mom or dad say ...Juvenile literature
What to do when your mom or dad say ...Etiquette
What to do when your mom or dad say ...Hospitality
What to do when your mom or dad say ...Study skills
You Can Get Along With Difficult People
You Can Handle Stress

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