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John Kiger

John Kiger is an accomplished winegrower in California's beautiful Sonoma Valley. John lives and works with his wife, Deb, amid the Syrah, Grenache, and Cabernet Sauvignon vines of Kiger Family Vineyard, where they focus on organic and sustainable wine-growing practices. John is active in the Sonoma wine-growing community and has spoken on organic wine-growing practices in various grower forums. He has been an advocate for innovative organic practices, such as using sheep to control weeds and grasses in vineyards, and has been the subject of articles in industry publications such as Wine and Grape Grower.

Little about John's upbringing or education would peg him as either a vineyard owner or a farmer. Born and raised in North Carolina, and with a PhD in psychology and a specialty in human-computer interaction, John embarked on a career in high technology that would lead him to California and the high-pressure, fast-paced world of Silicon Valley. After he had spent more than twenty years in software engineering and marketing, his passion for fine wine that had been simmering under the surface burst forth in a life-changing decision to leave it all behind and become a full-time wine grower. He and his wife left their Silicon Valley jobs and house in the suburbs behind, bought land in the wine-rich Sonoma Valley, and built their very own vineyard from scratch. Thirteen years later that experience spawned the expertise and inspiration for John's first book, A Vineyard Odyssey: The Organic Fight to Save Wine from the Ravages of Nature.

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