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Joan Frank

Joan Frank was born in Phoenix, Arizona. She studied with author Thaisa Frank (no relation) at the Univ. of Calif. in Berkeley, CA, and holds an MFA in creative fiction from Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC. Joan is a MacDowell Colony Fellow, Pushcart Prize nominee, winner of many literary grants and awards, and a San Francisco Library Literary Laureate. She has taught creative writing at San Francisco State University, and continues to teach and edit creative writing in private consultation. Joan also regularly reviews literary fiction for the San Francisco Chronicle Book Review. She lives in Santa Rosa.

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Place of residence
Santa Rosa
Significant title:
Make it stay
Literary fiction
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Miss Kansas City2006Editors
Open Library
Title Subject
Because you have toAmerican Authors
Boys keep being born
Desperate women need to talk to youMiddle age
In envy country
Make it stayMarried people
Miss Kansas CityEditors
The Great Far Away

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