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Jim Lyle

Jim Lyle was a professional designer in Industrial, Interior, Graphic, and Building Design for over thirty years. He was a founding partner in Pacific Design Group, an Architectural, Industrial, Product, and Interior Design firm located in Campbell, CA.. He also taught Project Management in the Design department of San Jose State University for 5 years. Jim closed his business in 1991 to allow time for writing and painting. He is nationally published and his first book "Things Seen in the Desert" was released in 2001. In 1997, he moved to Lake County, CA and a year later was the selected the first Poet Laureate of that County. He was a member of the Editorial Board of Review for the Montserrat Review for five years. He is a frequent featured speaker in Northern California, and has been a guest lecturer at Mission College, Menlo College, Phoenix University, Cogswell College and Lake Community College; all in the greater bay area. In 2003, Jim moved into the Veteran's Home of California at Yountville. He continues to be active in writing and speaking.

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Thing Seen in the Desert
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Things seen in the desert

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