Jane Kennedy Stuppin

San Francisco native Jane Kennedy Stuppin (1936-2012) is the author of the poetry collections "But I Say" and "Perfect Pitch," and two short story collections, "A Toast to Reason," and "The Bay Round About." Stuppin lived in Sonoma County among redwood trees and wild turkeys with her artist husband Jack Stuppin.

She was born in San Francisco on July 16, 1936. She grew up in Daly City, and graduated from Jefferson High School. Jane received a BS degree from University of California Berkeley and had many hours of postgraduate studies. She was passionate about life, enjoyed swimming her morning laps, was an accomplished published poet and a serious amateur musician who played several instruments, particularly the harpsichord. She was a founding director of the critically acclaimed Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra of the West and served on the board for many years. In the past Jane served on the Board of Directors of the Sonoma County Book Fair and the Sebastopol Art Center. She passed away on March 31, 2012, following a long illness.

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