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For a long time, I was interested in becoming self-sufficient, in having a self-sufficient home for myself and for my family, but eventually I realized that unless everybody had a self-sufficient home themselves, such a self-sufficient home was not going to be sustainable, because a truly self-sufficient home can exist only in a fully sustainable world. An isolated self-sufficient home would be swallowed up by an environment that is forever expanding, an environment that is antithetical to anything that is balanced and in harmony with its surroundings (q.e.d.: witness all the native cultures that existed in such a balance before our "civilization" remade them in its image ...). The trouble with attempting to create an ideal world is that even if everyone wanted to live in an ideal world, not everyone's ideal of what the world should look like is identical, and since everyone is striving to achieve their own version of an ideal world, the result is that we, collectively, never can live in an ideal world. In order that we, collectively, ever have a chance of living in an ideal world, we, collectively, have unify and harmonize all of our (sometimes even contrary) ideas about what an ideal world should look like. Unless this unification of our ideas about what an ideal world should look like happens, we'll continue to reconcile our differences that there exist in our ideals in real life with real damages and suffering (wars, famines, ...). That's why I started working on the concept of designing the the future of the Earth cooperatively; some of what I wrote on the subject is contained in the booklet--"Designing the Earth Anew Together". A great deal of my research and writing has been done in Sebastopol and at the SSU.

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