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James M. Dunn

James Dunn holds a master s degree in organizational psychology and a bachelor s degree in writing, philosophy, psychology and mathematics. He has studied zen and Taoism, and meditated for more than 30 years, yet has no affiliation with a religion. He admits to more flaws than most people give him credit for. He is founder, editor and consultant for Julia's Jobs and Biz 101 North; His writing is practical, entertaining and heartfelt, honed by more than 12 years as magazine editor of NorthBay Biz.

Dunn s insights about transforming losses into spiritual gains come from tough personal experience and plenty of pain. He has lost both parents and many friends to death. Friends and family have struggled with alcohol, drugs and illness. He has lost two marriages and battled successfully for joint custody. Like most folks, he has suffered business and investment declines.

His background ranges into diet, exercise psychology and sustainable living. Through years of rock climbing, cycling and camping in Colorado, Dunn gained a profound connection to nature that guides his simple, clear approach. From nature he has received spiritual guidance and personal transformation to a rich now.

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