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Jacqueline Harmon Butler saw the movie "An American in Paris" at an impressionable age and dreamed of being an artist there. Instead she spent her formative years hanging out in San Francisco's North Beach with the Beat Generation, wearing a black beret, writing stories and painting. It wasn't until she had married, divorced, and raised two children that she visited Paris. It was love at first sight. She began to write about her travels and compiled copious files of stories and data after that first trip on 1979. In 1996, she decided to investigate the possibilities of becoming a travel writer and enrolled in a weekend travel writing conference. She won the second place writing award and her career was launched. Jacqueline's writing can be found in numerous newspapers, magazines and ezines all across the USA, Canada and Europe, including the Miami Herald, New Orleans Times Picayune, Dallas Morning News, Kansas City Star, San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Star, La Sicilia, La Nazione and Il Tirreno. She is a contributing editor to the anthology, Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel, (Globe Pequot Press, April 2002) which won the North American Travel Journalists Association award for best travel book of 2002. She is the author of The Travel Writer's Handbook, (Surrey Books). In March 2010, Jacqueline published her memoir, "Taking a Chance on Love," as an e-book and print on demand with and Excerpt: "Facing middle age I thought my love life was over -- until I traveled to Italy and was pursued and seduced by a younger man, much to the dismay of my adult children and friends. From Lucca to San Francisco to the hill towns of Tuscany, our romance sizzles with excitement and drama." A major update of the "7th Edition of the Travel Writer's Handbook," (Surrey Books) was published April 2012. She is currently working on another novel, One Last Trip to Paris. This is the story of Julie Taylor, 50 years old, seemingly has it all, looks, brains and style, and hugely successful in the high tech world. But suddenly her world changes when an inoperable brain aneurysm gives her only six months to live. With no family, and no emotional attachments, she liquidates her assets takes her twenty two million dollars and moves from San Francisco to Paris to begin living the life she never had. Unexpected love turns her world upside down and twists and turns of fate send her on a roller coaster ride of a lifetime.

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