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Ianthe Brautigan

Ianthe Brautigan was born in San Francisco at the tail-end of the Beat Era. Her memoir You Can't Catch Death has been published in the USA, UK, and has been translated into German. You Can't Catch Death has just been optioned by a motion picture company. The screen writer, Alan Sharp ("Rob Roy") is writing the screenplay. Ianthe's work has appeared in Cartwheels on The Faultline and The Poet's Eye: A Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, in City Lights Books, Antioch Review and will appear in Confrontations. She teaches at Sonoma State University and Santa Rosa Junior College. She's lived in Montana and Hawaii and has resided quite happily in Northern California for over twenty years with her husband and daughter, two cats and an adorable dog, Lolly.

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