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Holly Near

Holly Near is a unique combination of entertainer, teacher, and activist. An immense vocal talent, Near's career as a singer has been defined by an unwillingness to separate her passion for music from her passion for human dignity. She is a skilled performer and an outspoken ambassador for peace who brings to the stage an integration of world consciousness, spiritual discovery, and theatricality. A prolific writer and recording artist, Near has released 26 recordings of her own, including the seminal Imagine My Surprise, and performs as a guest on many others. In the past few years, Near has been busy re-releasing much of her early material. She continues to write and sing political songs with grace and humor, and her integrity earns her the reputation as one of the most articulate social change artists working today, with a power and maturity that may only come from decades of love and fear, despair, and inspiration. In 2007, she released Sing To Me The Dream, an extended and remastered version of her 1984 live concert tour with Inti Illimani. A new collaborative recording with emma's revolution, We Came To Sing!, which was born of the 2008 "Sing Out the Vote" tour, was released in August 2009. Holly and emma's revolution put their unique vocal stamp on songs from Holly's repertoire in eleven tracks that include old favorites such as Listen to the Voices, Sky Dances, and Fired Up along with new arrangements of Study War No More and Sail Away Lady, Pat Humphries' Swimming to the Other Side, and Rick Burkhardt's (The Prince Myshkins) Ministry of Oil.

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