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Heidi Freestone

I've written and illustrated children's books over the years for family and friends but this is my first foray into adult fiction. -Growing Home- began as a desire to "payback" for all my years of devouring other people's books. I have been a landscape gardener and designer in Sonoma County forever...about 30 years. One thing I do is creating "deer-proof" gardens, so Sara the main character's run-in with the deer was a natural. Food sustainability and appropriate land and water use has been a large part of my work along with integrating native plants and gardens. All of this plus the presence of several "Foodies" in my life and the setting of Sonoma County came together in -Growing Home-. I share a small piece of land outside of Sebastopol with deer, gophers, raccoons, hawks, and many other unseen creatures.

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Place of residence
Sebastopol; Fulton
Significant title:
Growing Home
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