Gerald D. Waxman

Born in Brooklyn in 1941, Jerry's fascination with the heavens began in early childhood when he spent many nights lying on his back, staring at the stars and planets. Whenever the opportunity arose, he would attend shows at Hayden Planetarium. After earning a Bachelor's Degree in physics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, he moved west to complete his Master's Degree in Physics and Astronomy at UCLA. In the early 1990's Jerry received his doctorate in Environmental Studies from Union College. He taught at Santa Monica Community College until 1976, when he moved to Santa Rosa to accept a professorship in Astronomy at Santa Rosa Junior College where he remained until his retirement in 2003. The last three years of teaching were a challenge due to the worsening of the symptoms of MSA (Multiple Systems Atrophy) diagnosed in 2000. He worked on Astronomical Tidbits the last two years of his life. He passed away on October 13, 2009. He never lost his love for the stars. As he always used to say, We are all star dust""

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