Frona Eunice Wait

Frona Eunice Wait (Frona Eunice Colburn) was an American author and newspaper writer. In 1887 when she started was one of the two female staff journalists in San Francisco, working for the San Francisco Examiner. From her beginning as a journalist, with the Santa Rosa Republican, she rose to become an associate editor for the Overland Monthly. Before editing for the Overland Monthly, she wrote articles for it, and books such as the futuristic Yermah, the Dorado, published by W. Doxey in 1897 and republished by Alice Harriman in 1913. She wrote anti-suffrage political pamphlets, including 80 per cent. of the women in California do not want the vote. She is also known in wine circles for her works on California wines. Her book Wines and Vines of California was called an "unquestionable cornerstone of California wine literature" in Wayward Tendrils Quarterly (published for a wine book collector's society), July 2011. She was also the subject of a poem by Ambrose Bierce entitled A Competitor, published in his book The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce.

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