Frank Baumgardner

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Frank Baumgardner

After a dual career as a high school science and history teacher, Frank Baumgardner worked as a nurse and "as a practical nurse I finally had enough time to return to research. The mysteries of California history, like what happened to the region's Indians during the 1850s and 60- forced onto a journey that involved the federal government's policies,and the realities on the frontier, genocide and unplanned murders have always fascinated me. With the support of my wife Jeannette starting in about 1998 I began digging through archives, newspapers, letters, diaries-the records left by real settlers, Army personnel and Indians. As anyone who has done such work in the past will tell you, one fact or story led to another, to another, and so on."

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Place of residence
Santa Rosa
Significant title:
Yanks in the Redwoods
Local History
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