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Chuck Elsbree

During the past 30 years Chuck Elsbree has been accumulating an impressive collection of farm equipment and implements that were manufactured before early tractor development over 100 years ago. Chuck grew up working on the family ranch in Windsor, California during the 1940s and 1950s and vividly remembers some of the equipment in his collection that was then still in use although powered by tractors instead of teams of horses as in years past. For most of his professional career, Chuck worked as a research and development engineer in the aerospace industry. In that capacity Chuck helped develop missiles used in the Apollo Space Flight Program. His last aerospace assignment was as program manager for developing the hardware used on the Lunar Lander, and since then he has been granted six different patents. Using his engineering knowledge and documentation skills, Chuck has identified, labeled, dated and proudly displays most of his ever-increasing collection of restored and partially-restored items for visitors to enjoy at his Elsbree Family Vineyard Ranch in Windsor.

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