Dorothy L Hansen, 1920-2014

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Dorothy L Hansen

Dorothy was born February 1, 1920, in Duncan, Oklahoma and was one of eight children who grew up in a loving family during the dust bowl and great depression. She was raised with the principles that every human being has value and how essential cooperation is for achieving peace in the world. She worked in Detroit, MI at The Motor City Cooperative where she met the love of her life, Bob Hansen. They moved to Manhattan Beach, CA in 1949. Wanting to raise their young family in a smaller town in a rural setting they moved to Santa Rosa, CA in 1959. While raising their three sons, Bob had his own real estate company and Dorothy was a full time mother. Together they supported local consumer cooperatives and were instrumental in creating a Co-op at Marlow and Guerneville Roads in Santa Rosa in the early sixties. They were also active members in the peace and activism community and Dorothy edited many related newsletters. She assisted local author Jacques Levy by typing the manuscript for his book, Cesar Chavez: Autobiography of LaCausa. In 1976, she and Bob founded R&D Products to manufacture the patented office products Bob invented. After Bob died in 1999, Dorothy continued their passion for promoting nonviolence in the world by joining the Friends community, standing in unity with others as a Woman in Black and becoming a war tax resistor. She was former treasurer of Taxes for Peace. She enjoyed classes for writing at the Sebastopol Senior Center. At the age of 93, she published a collection of her short stories in her book, The Cookie Jar of Life. An active member of The Appleseed Quaker's in Sebastopol, she lived her life with dignity and peace.

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