D. L. (Donald Lewis) Emblen

Don Emblen was a Sonoma County poet, instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College and mentor to many Sonoma County writers and poets. He served as Sonoma County's first Poet Laureate. "Although he knew many big name poets, and had published several successful books, he knew better than to place any value in the ephemeral opinions of the publishing world. As a consequence, he learned to operate a movable type press and established his own publishing house--Clamshell Press--in his garage, where he hand-set and printed many handsome books and broadsides, thereby encouraging several generations of Sonoma County writers. "--Jean Hegland.

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Place of residence
Santa Rosa
Significant title:
Under the Oaks
Poetry; Literary Criticism
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Peter Mark Roget

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Poet Laureate: 2000-2001

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