Dolores Giustina Fruiht

Born in Portland, OR on March 9, 1923 to Erminio and Irene Onorato Giustina. At the age of 89, she passed away in Santa Rosa, CA on April 3, 2012. Dolores lived her early years in a logging camp at Lost Creek, outside of Eugene, OR with her parents and three brothers. The family moved into Pleasant Hill, Oregon in 1931. She attended Pleasant Hill Elementary and High School where she was a star basketball player. After graduating from University of Portland as a nurse in 1944, she joined the army and served as a field nurse in the Philippines. Dolores was very proud of her service to her country and later became the neighborhood nurse. Dolores married Thomas H. Fruiht in 1947. She continued working as a nurse in Eugene until the family moved to Santa Rosa in 1952. Dolores lived a full and adventure-filled life. She was a world traveler, as comfortable in a tent as a nice hotel. Dolores was a multi-talented and gifted artist. Photography, pottery, poetry and writing were her avocations. The famed potter Marguerite Wildenhain was her mentor and teacher. Later in life she also took up painting.

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Being in the Moment
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