Diana Reynolds Chambers, 1946-

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Diana Reynolds Chambers

Diana Chambers began her early explorations in the library, and was soon spinning her globe. She has always been drawn to the old Silk Road borderlands and wonders if she spent another life there. Still, she spent part of this life in Paris and her compass keeps pointing her back.

She moved there soon after college and learned to dream in French. Later an Asian adventure turned into an importing business that led to Hollywood costuming and then, scriptwriting. Diana spent a few years in Toronto and Paris as one of the writers for a U.S./Canadian/French detective series and also wrote several articles about her travels. Characters that sprang from these experiences began demanding their own novels, and ever intrigued by the road not taken, she had no choice but to follow. She remains in search of the perfect suitcase. Her nose is always in a book.

Diana is a member of Writers Guild of America, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime and serves on its NorCal board. She lives in a small San Francisco-area town with her fellow-traveler husband, arty daughter, brilliant mutt, and new feral kitty, Marco Polo.

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