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Clare Morris

Clare Morris was born in 1936 into a Quaker family, became a Roman Catholic at 19, and a nun at 23. She taught drama and theology in high schools before working full-time in the peace movement in 1970. In 1971 she helped to found the Ecumenical Peace Institute of Northern California, focusing on education in nonviolence. In I974 she organized the Angela Center in Santa Rosa, offering programs that integrated spirituality, social change, psychology and the arts.

Clare left her religious community in 1985, and began studies in psychology, for which she earned a doctorate in 1994. She is now in private practice as a Jungian psychotherapist in San Francisco, and leads seminars in spirituality and myth with the Guild for Psychological Studies.

In the early 1980s, Clare published articles on spirituality and social change in periodicals, including Creation, The Face of the Deep, Breakthrough, Intersection, and Fellowship. She has published two books of poetry, In Transit: Love Poems to the City (2005) and Child of the Longest Night (2006). Her poems have appeared in The Oakland Tribune, Integrities, and Inquiring Mind. Her story of committing civil disobedience with her mother is included in the anthology, Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace (2006). In 2007, Clare recorded an interview for (program #83): The Archetype of the Wise Fool.

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