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Christina Olds

Christina Olds was born in Manhattan, NY on January 5, 1952 and bounced around the world with her USAF fighter pilot father Robin Olds and Hollywood actress mother Ella Raines. Raised mostly in Washington D.C., England and Colorado, she graduated from Vassar College with a BA in English/Creative Writing in 1974 and spent 25 years living in Marin County where she raised her daughter Jennifer Olds Newman (now a costume designer in Los Angeles). In 2001 Christina moved to Colorado to be near her aging father, who had retired from the air force as a brigadier general in 1973. She worked for Vail Resorts for six years. While caring for her father during his terminal illness in 2007, Christina promised to complete his half-written memoirs from his gathered notes. Robin Olds passed away June 14, 2007. She spent the next two years researching and writing the book, including interviewing veterans who flew with her father in WWI and Vietnam. FIGHTER PILOT; THE MEMOIRS OF LEGENDARY ACE ROBIN OLDS was published April 13, 2010 by St. Martin's Press and has been heralded as an exceptionally literary and lyrical biography/memoir. This is her first book. Christina moved back "home" to California in July 2011, this time choosing Sonoma County over Marin. She currently lives in Santa Rosa and works for the Chamber of Commerce. She travels to speak to aviation museums and air shows around the country. The Discovery Channel is producing a one-hour documentary titled "Air Ace" on the life of Robin Olds, to be aired early spring 2013.

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