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Christian Lane

Christian Lane is a wine professional originally from western New York. He has a diverse in arts, science and business. He grew up as an award-winning classical & jazz trombonist and organic farmer with an early opportunity to implement Integrated Pest Management. He earned a BS in audio engineering from the State University of New York. His work entailed discovery in several capacities medical reference lab informatics, satellite television analog-to-digital technology transitions, studio recording and large-scale sound system automation. He pursued an MBA at the University of Utah and became more interested in process and form. He supported the arts as a performer and benefactor, growing with the culture around him. He grew with the Internet as a self-taught web designer. He's published a few books and has developed a rich involvement in the arts as a benefactor and spoken word artist, once performing for the NAACP in an amphitheatre. Since 2004, he has created several wine projects, one of them an award-winning Simple Math Cellars which operates primarily by mailing list and offers private labels and special projects for the US and Swedish governments. He has consulted for wine companies (startup, strategy, compliance) in the Alexander, Napa, Dry Creek and Silicon Valleys. He also builds and modifies fine wine collections, judges wine competitions, educates and writes. He's affiliated with several African-American business associations, has held board positions and supports several charities.

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